I nominate this company as building best speakers!

Anyone here heard or own Stenheim Alumine Three. Just heard it in an Burmeister System. Streaming music. This speaker sounds like live music. Not cheap but not insane. Save your money boys and girls! 😁

Funny thing about Stenheim is their cabinet is not as dead sounding when you tap the sides. Magico is more dead. 

Well the Fives would be a dream but unobtainable. If only I didn't sell my one bitcoin 2 years ago!😆😒

Yeah I would need to hear it sometime in near future. I would only be interested full range stats not hybrids. 

Many years ago I heard Thiel CS5i with all Mark Levinson set up. At that time much respect for the sound I heard. Talk about imaging. But doesn't sound like live music unfortunately.
I thought about that for Burmeister. But same system with Sonus Faber Amati and Estelon doesn't sound as good. This time they used one amp size of a wine fridge in stereo mode. He said it's about 300 watts. I didn't check specs.
@kw6  The name Stenhaim remain me Steinway piano Company, I am thinking If the Aluminum get excellent acoustic performance , why Steinway did not start making Aluminium piano ?