I need your help - DVD sound...

Anyone has experience with the Pioneer DV-09 flagship DVD player as a STAND ALONE CD-PLAYER? What cd only player could it be compared to? Thank all for your help. Other general comments welcome!
Yup,got that. I can tell you it is better than Sony7700; each being used as a transport only.I had the Sony for about 8days. (And going into a Purcell up sampler/and then into a theta Gen 5a w/ the 24/96 mod.)However each lag behind the Theta Data 3. (cd/ld)Most noticeably in the bottom end. They are both great dvd players/ on dvd music material. But,most of the $$$ goes into the dvd portion.I'm not sure about; other than the ones I have tried at home. The 09 kills budget dvd players.
I know all about the transport virtues of top-of-the-line DVD players. My question was, how does the Pioneer DV-09 fear as a ONE BOX STAND ALONE CD PLAYER? Does it compare to a Rega Planet or more like an Arcam FMJ or whatever....Thanks again !
Sorry/ didn't read the question carefully enough.
I have no direct experience, but one of the dealers that I frequent that sells the Pioneer gear has commented to me that the newer (and much less expensive) DV-37 sounds at least as good, if not better than the DV-09. There have also been some very positive posts with respect to the sound quality of the DV-37 in other threads here from people who own the player (many who have compared it to Cd only players up to about the $1500 mark). Don't know whether it would equal the FMJ player, but when my DVD player conks out, I'll be taking a serious look/listen to the DV-37 or its replacement.
You might take a look at this review:

They didn't love its results on the bench- the frequency response curve was poor.