I need top quality banana plugs.

Because of my speaker binding posts, I really need to connect my speaker wires to banana plugs and connect that way. Are there silver banana plugs?
The WBT's make a very solid connection. Radio Shack even has some inexpensive locking banana's that work decently. I won't go into the sonics of either connection as i don't have much experience with them. I honestly don't know if i could tell a difference between them other than the price. Sean
Tbg- I think Wireworld made a solid silver banana plug at one time. I had a set around here somewhere, though I never installed them. They were a solder or crimp/solder type and were not locking. Good luck.
Audience has some top quality bananas that are said to not get in the way of the sound quality, even better than the well known WBT models. Give them a call for more information and istallation instructions. They really know they're stuff. To give you an idea of their level of musical/technical skill, one Stereophile reviewer in the recent Aug 2002 issue preferred their Au24 speaker cable to the mega-buck Nordost Valhalla.

Here's there contact page... http://www.Audience-AV.com/contact.htm
I've got locking bananas from Monster Cable and Esoteric Audio. In fact, the Esoteric Audio are brand new. NOT silver. Gold plated. Yours for a song.
BTW: These will work with existing spades, so you don't have to destroy your factory terminated ends. I've also purchased some that you can use a set-screw to secure the cable within a barrel. If silver is a necessity, I would suggest soldering the cable INSIDE the barrel if so desired.