I Need to Mount Amps ON WALL+++

Any suggestions for racks that are designed to mount on the wall? This is the only solution to keep expensive , hot components away from the prying hands of my two youngsters. I have looked through a few catalogues (audio advisor, music direct) with no luck. I suppose I could rig a floor rack........thank you....Mark
Well,Mark,it's tough.Expensive too.How heavy are your amps? How many of them? Where do you live?
I have a few suggestions.1.I heard about a company called Vogel.They make wall mounted stands for monitors,televisions,but also some non-standard stands for various applications.Might work for you.2.Call the company called CEDIA and ask them to recommend you someone who is licensed by them.These people deal with custom installations.3.See your local best dealers and ask their advice.In any case,we are talking about custom things.Installers usually charge $100.00 an hour for the labor.It all could cost you thousands depending on many factors.Perhaps, there are cheaper solutions;I just don't see them.
Have you considered wall mounted turntable shelves? Target used to make one, and I believe Mana does too. Good luck.
I've been through this before. There's nothing I could find strong enough "off the rack" to mount heavy amps on a wall. My solution was to get a Salamander Synergy rack with a door, sides and a back. The door doesn't come with one, but a cabinet lock can be installed to secure the door. If you're handy with a drill, it's a fairly easy job. If not, I bet a locksmith could do it fairly inexpensively.
How about commercial product display shelving? Maybe Granger or any local company that supplies cases or shelving for commercial retail stores or restaurants. Or, you could just send your children to boarding school for the next few years! Either way, Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Depends on the weight of the amp(s), how important decor is to you, and whether you're in a house or apartment/condo. I have several suggestions for you either way.... oh and if you are in a house one option to consider.

If you have your system on the main floor of your house you could always install the amps on the floor below, under your speakers. Drill a hole through the floor behind each speaker and you have a very elegant solution. This would make for a long interconnect BUT short speaker wires. Assuming there's no WAF issues on the floor below (and there IS a floor below) and you can install your amps any way you see fit, it's worth tackling.
No time like the present to begin serious behavior modification training. Much cheaper, and far longer lasting. It's really amazing how fast children can catch on to things, when presented with proper training.

It's also amazing how fast children will learn how to train you, instead of you training them.

When they move a chair over to the amp, and climb up to touch them, are you going to then hang the amps from the ceiling?

Now is the time for these youngsters to learn their boundaries. I can teach an 8 week old puppy to not touch things. Certainly you can teach your children to leave your stereo alone.
Take a look at the Magro 24.


On second thought, the poles just might be too big an attraction to the little ones.
Mythtrip, I use a tall cabinet with solid sides and doors that lock, I've removed the back panel to help with heat disipation and keep the unit very slightly away from the back wall, other than a line conditioner only the amp resides there. High above there are shelves for lighter equipment.
Twl, I've discussed this before. Many of us have unusual cirmcumstances that don't benefit from your catch all suggestion. BTW, I used to train dogs for a living.
Mythtrip, keep in mind that little ones may pull on power cords and heavy amps can follow from shelves.
I'd start with a stud finder and the book "Dare to Discipline". If the book doesn't work, hit 'em with the stud finder.
Twl.Still going and going and going...Amazing.
Yes, it's my old curmudgeonly ways popping through again.
I'm a steel fabricator by trade. I can build anything for a price. I've built brackets to suspend NHT 2.5i's from the walls. All my own speaker stands and audio racks over the years. Sounds like a simple shelf to me. Send me some dimensions (including weight), and let me know what your walls are made of.

TWL is right on target!!!
Children can learn not to touch, mine did. It's also good for them.
You could always get an audio cabinet with ventilation and a lockable door.
Yeah, I agree. Tie a scorpion to your tonearm or place a thousand upturned, sharpened brass cones around the audio rack. The kids WILL learn.
thanks for the good suggestions, guys, i think commercial shelving is the way I will go. My amps arent too heavy, and I am a good handyman. And TWL, i bet you dont have kids. By the way, this is the second time you have scolded me out here, the first was for a MC/MM post. You said the answer was already posted a day earlier. Keep it up, we need characters like you.....happy holidays to all....Mark
Mythtrip, if you insist on the shelving, perhaps you can tie the power cord into a loose knot around a bracket or something.
Sorry Mythtrip, I'm not always that cranky. Merry Christmas.

Personally, I think that raising the heavy amps up high can be more potentially dangerous, than having them low, or on the floor. If they are up high, they can cause serious injury if they fall on a little one. If they are very low, or on the floor, they have no potential for falling on anyone, and any injury would only be to the amp, not the person.

Locked, ventilated cabinets recommended above may be good.

And no, I don't have kids of my own, but I do have to contend with my sister's kids, which were never well trained and she pays for it every damn day, and so does everyone else in the house. She did not train them at the proper time, and now she has what she has.

Also, even though my comments may have been harsh, the basis has validity. Children are quick learners. You can easily teach them to do what you want. They are highly intelligent compared to dogs and cats, and I have 4 cats and a 120 pound Rottweiler, and not one of them ever lays a paw on any of my audio gear. Even when I am not home, or through the night. And it is all within easy reach of any of them at all times. And no, I have never beaten any of them, and I love them. So I contend that since children are much more capable learners, it should be easy for them and you to handle this. I apologize for wording it bluntly. But I have watched what happens if this is not done, and it only gets worse.
Twl, you're Agon's own Andy Rooney! I always get a chuckle from your comments! Keep that droll humor coming!