I need to help elevating my speakers.

I have a pair of Klipsch Reference floorstanders that I need to have elevated by about 5 to 7 inches. I need something that can withstand the 70 lbs that each speaker weighs. I was thinking about something like what the Sonus Faber Guarneri Stands are on. It's like a 5 inch high Marble slab. I have no idea where to get this or something like it.

Any ideas?
Lovan makes their Jazz stand in a 6" height. I believe they are shot-fillable and should work fine with your floorstanders. Available at AudioAdvisor as well as other retailers.


Arcici stands will be perfect for your needs. They were mated with Vandersteen's and Quad speakers and come in short heights. They might not be available new because I'm not too sure if the company is still around...try the used market.
It will not look anything like the marble slab but Sistrum SP 101 might suit you well. It can be adjusted to 5-7 inches height and will handle the 70 lbs weight. It will also make your speakers sound much better. I put them under my Genesis 200 mid/high tower with amazing results.
I, highly, second the Sistrum SP 101. As to the height of 5-7 inches? Not sure on that. audiopoints.com is the way to go. Speak to Robert. He be da man over there. peace, warren
Home Depot solution. I use glass blocks (8" x 8" x 4") ... though they come in other sizes. My speakers have a 14" x 12" footprint and so a base comprised of 6 glass blocks (2 columns of 3 each; each set of 3 column blocks are epoxied together; with the 2 columns pushed together ) works out fine. Nice look also, as the polished glass picks up from the glass table tops.
Try a Sound Anchors. They will make you a custum stand for your speakers or equipment. I've found none better. Excellent service and build quality. The sonics are superb.
Email or call the owner with your specifications and you'll never look back. They make stands for B+W and many others.
I would definitely give a try to Star Sound Technologies' Sistrum speaker platforms. They will not cost you more than marble slabs and you'll get MUCH, MUCH better results.
I agree with SGR. I had Sound Anchors custom-make a pair of stands for some B&W Matrix 803s that were 6 inches tall. They are great stands and were a perfect match for the 803s.

Is your seating position height above the tweeter level causing you to elevate the speakers?

Maybe in the meantime you could try tilting them so the tweeters aim at your ear height while seated... What do you think