I need to get suggestions on a high gain phono pre

I have a space deck and a Dynavector Karat.

Speakers are Merlin VSM-M
Amp Jolida 302B factory modified

I was really wanting to try the Decware Phono Pre-Amp. I've had a hard time finding any feedback on that. I've owned the Herron, Phenomena, and Rogue Mag 99 Phono stage.

I like the tube stages much more. IT really seemed to have more bandwidth.


Go with the Decware it has a 30 return policy. Try it.
if you get a step-up transformer, it will give you alot more options for a phono section. Many tube phono sections only have enough gain for MM carts. With a step-up transformer, you can use any of them, and load the cart at the transformer. A Cotter Mk2 is a good choice for this.
I'd also suggest you check into the Art Audio Vinyl 1 - tubes with step-up transformers. Occasionally, you can find one used. It is a great unit. Good luck.
I suggest you check out the Aesthetix IO. Tube from front to back and can be as high in gain as you would ever need with great sonics and very low noise. You didn't mention a budget but a used basic IO can be had for around $2500, a good bargain in high end phono stages.
I really enjoy my Herron. If I was to change out, I would consider The Groove. It is not tube, but has a great reputation fo accuracy.
I've owned a lot of phono preamps over the years and have been using an EAR 834P for the last five years or so. If you like tube phono stages this is one you should give a try. Easily one of the best buys out there if not the most cosmetically exciting (unless you go for the chrome faceplate). Dead quiet, dynamic, and very musical. I've spent a lot more and not been as happy.

A note on Tom Evans 'The Groove.' I know someone who has been importing these and the Vibe preamp. He says there are some quality control issues. And they are grossly overpriced for what you get. Just what I heard. I have no personal experience. Obviously the Absolute Sound thinks highly of them.
Have to ask why you got rid of the Herron? Agree with G_m_c, it's a great unit.
I had been a tube phono lover for many years.I was truly surprised at the Walker Audio phono amps.They are extremely quiet and provide gain between 40-66db.Good dimensionality and soundstage.What you put in,is what you get out of it.As with all things in life.Don't overlook the 30 day money back guarantee and you won't have to worry about multiples of tubes,and their heat.Good listening! Tom
I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to match the Herron to the Jolida because of the cost differences and to be honest I needed the money.

But I do agree it was the best I've owned and allmost created goosebumps. I did not feel that it was vastly superior to the 99 MAg phonostage though. I do believe it was better but not by 2800.

Thanks everyone