I need to borrow a cable for a ML PLS-154 Power Su

I bought a Mark Levinson ML-7 preamp with the PLS-154 power supply from and Audiophile I have bought from in the past- GREAT guy- He was in a hurry and he forgot to pack to interface cord that goes from the PS to the unit- It may be weeks to well over a month before he returns from an overseas work assignment so I am reaching out to my fellow audiophiles to see if anyone has this cord they are not using so I may borrow or buy it for could be again over a month - I have pristine internet selling and buying references. If you have one that is in the closet I could obviously really make good use of it-


Thanks all- Barry Menary Wilmette, IL
Those are as rare as hen's teeth, however Pyramid Audio in
Texas might be willing to make one for you - IF - they have the
connectors (Fischer doesn't make that one any more (if it's the
one I'm thinking of ;~) Good luck!

Thanks nsgarch- I wrote them and will report back what they say-