I need to add a SUB. Please HELP ME

Hello. I'd like to add a sub to my 2 channel system, but I don't know if I can do this with my integrated amplifier (MF a300) which only have one pair of preamp outputs (RCAs). Is it possible to do that with this amp? If so, please tell me how. If the answer is "yes, it is posible", is it possible with all subwoofers or just with some ones? THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Sure. You have several options:

1. You can use a sub with speaker level inputs and a high pass crossover which works with those. Note that the cross-over will be fixed though, so this may be sub-optimal.

2. You can feed your pre-outs to the line level input of a sub with an adjustable line level cross over and adjust the crossover point for smooth integration.

If the sub doesn't have an adjustable crossover (or is a passive sub with its own outboard amplifier), you can still use it like this although you'll need to buy an outboard crossover.

3. If you have a separate record selector, you can run the tape outputs to the subwoofer line level inputs and sub outputs to the amp tape inputs. To use the sub, select the source using the record selector and tape with the main selector.
Drew, Thanks a lot!!
Another option is to buy a REL or another sub that offers a high resistance connection to the amp outputs of your integrated amp (the five in ones on the back that go to your speaker cables). BTW I would recommend the REL anyway just for pure sonics in a two channel or even HT setup. Back to the connectio option. These essentially take the signal from your amp posts (with very high resistance- orders of magnitude higher than speakers- so no change to speaker signal). This also gives the theoretical advantage thatthe sub sees the same dynamics that the speakers see. I will try to make that clearer. The speakers see a signal from the amp. A sub typically sees a signal from a preamp- one step further from the speakers. All amps change things a little from their original signal, so in theory this makes the sub and the main speakers a little closer to each other (or so the advertising says). The sub gets the full range signal from the amp now and uses its own crossover to determine frquency response. This is probably a very good way from a purists standpoint to run a sub. Others may disagree and maybe they are right. Anyway, that's another optionaside from the ones posted by Drew. His are good ideas too. If you are able, take time to hear the RELs. They blend incredibly well with most speakers. I looked at a lot of subs and ended up very happy with my REL. Probably the best compliment I can pay it is that I never notice it's there until I turn it off. Hope this was helpful. Happy listening,

A REL is the way to go. As mentioned the High Pass connection that connects to the amp's speaker terminals was designed for audio. The REL's can be adjusted in 2Hz intervals, so it is easy to integrate with any system, speakers and room environment.
i'd suggest an outboard electronic x-over - the marchand xm-9, & a pair of vmps subs, which model depends more on room-size than anyting else. this set-up, w/a decent used solid-state amp, will cost less than even *one* comparable powered sub, even if ya get a pair of vmps' biggest model. and, ewe *won't* find better specs than that of the vmps larger sub at *any* price. also much more flexible, as the marchand xm-9 allows a multitude of settings, & more transparent electronics, too, imho. also, having two subs allows easier room set-up to optimise soundstaging/room interaction, & allows for much less distortion for any given output level as well.

doug s.