I need to adapt a Hegel HD 25 DAC to 12 volts.

Does anyone know someone who can make a good power supply to do this.

It is for a high end car application..nice Mercedes, McIntosh 1000 watt amps (2), Scan Speak Drivers etc.., parametric EQ- I'm throwing everything at this one. I have a Apogee Mini DAC which can run off of 12 volts , which does sound good... but I prefer the Hegel.

I don't want to just use a 12volt-110volt Inverter... even a nice one like the Morning Star Suresine 300 watt inverter...

Why? because if by chance your hot 110 volt lead grounds out to your cars 12volt chassis you FRY all of your car's computers.

Also because of ground loop issues. I am located in the Newport Beach area of California.