I need suggestions on setup with P. Conditioners

I have a Transparent PowerBank Ultra (older version)plus a Monster Power Voltage AVS2000 right now. My question is what equipment should I plug into what? The rest of my gear is:
Arcam FMJ CD 23T CD Player
Aragon 8008 (2 Channel Amp)
Aragon 8008BB (3 Channel Amp)
Aragon SoundStage Pre/Pro
NHT VT3 Speakers
Blu-ray player

So what should go through the Transparent Conditioner and what should go through the AVS2000? I thought about getting some PS Audio equipment but I wouldn't even know where to begin because they have so many options. I will start a new post on the PS Audio stuff. I would appreciate your help on this one. Thanks
I keep my components(digital) separate from my amps.
I think whatever conditioner can handle the most draw from the amps,(I'd use her for the amps).I have dedicated lines also.There is a interesting read on Audiocircle,uder the Bryston thread(Torus),that explains what amps really like as far as amperage from the wall or even a conditioner.