I need suggestions for a minisystem.

I'm a 47 year old technophobe interested in a high end bedroom minisystem.I have eliminated the Linn Classik for cost reasons so I'm left with the Denon DM50 orDF100MC versus the NAD Music System. If I don't need the warranty the Denon systems can be bought for below the retail price but it looks like I will have to pay full price for the NAD.Is it worth the price?Thanks
I've owned the Classik, nice, now run the NAD L-40 as a travel system and it rocks. I've run unit with Rogers LS3/5As, PSB Alphas and now Mission 72s and the system sounds much better than it has a right to. Isolatin with Isobearings will help.
Get the Denon. You don't need the warranty. they are very reliable unless you are really unlucky. I listen to both the Denon and the Yamaha Piano Craft and for the money you can't beat it. I think the one with a single CD player is better. The CD changer is kind of noisy. Goodluck!!!
I second the vote for the Denon; IMO for the money, the combo. with the little Mission speakers is very hard to beat. I have purchased the DM-30's for kids and inlaws--gets them a taste of what "high-end" can mean, in contrast to the "boom box" sound of similarly priced combinations.
I bought the single player Denon (the M30 I think) for my wife over a year ago for our small family room and we have been very pleased. It has been trouble free and sounds decent for what it is. If I am not mistaken I have seen this system being advertised on Ebay NIB for both $229 and $249.
I bought a NAD L-40 demo unit for my teenage son, replacing some mass-market equipment. Even with inexpensive speakers, it sounds great. Upgrading the speakers and cables will doubtless make it sound even better. I have nothing adverse to say about Denon equipment, but if you can afford the NAD L40 or the NAD Music System I think you'll like it. It's not really in the same category as most items marketed as "minisystems." It's basically a high quality mid-fi integrated amplifier, tuner, and CD player all built into a single standard-size case. You'll probably be very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound which comes out of it.
I own the Denon DM-50 and the transport drawer quit working after 3 months. In addition, when it was working the sonic character was very flat and pale. Maybe lifeless is a better word. I decided not to get it fixed since the sound quality was relatively poor from my point of view. Today I just use its tuner which is half way decent.

The speakers that come with this unit, Mission MS-50, are also decent. Smooth sounding and musical. Decent clarity also. These comments apply only when driven by another amplifier though.

I have listened to the Linn Classik and liked it quite a bit more. I mean quite a bit. But, it does cost much more than the Denon. Still, my advice would be to skip the vacation this year and go with the Classik. Its a safe buy. Add that little Acoustic Energy Aego speaker system and you will have a near full range high end system that will fit in a Jansport back pack. Now what could be better!
Tivoli audio has a mini system consisting of their stereo radio, subwoofer and cd player. The late Henry Kloss designed their components. The cabinets are of real wood. I own the table radio and am very pleased with it. For more imfo look at their website. www.tivoliaudio.com.
Thanks for the opinions. Both the NAD L40 Music System and theCambridge Soundworks 88CD radio are no longer available.I am considering the Linn Classik despite the cost.