I need speakers for HT/2CH $1500...help

I am new to this game and have gotten to the point where my speakers are my weak link. I've got a Rotel RSP 976 pre, B&K Sonata series 5-channel amp, ixos interconnects, and upgraded power cords for my pre/power. I'm using old studio monitors that I got off a friend for mains. I have a polk PSW650 sub that does good work. I need something that will do double duty for 2CH/HT. Any suggestions would be great.
What are you using as a center and surrounds? Are you looking for floorstanders or something smaller? Any specific mounting / speaker design limitations to deal with? Sean
It is wide open , I would look at used large speakers which can generate a sufficiently high level of sound for HT but also sound good. Older speakers like early B&W 801's might fall into your budget range. There are so many possibilities that it is hard to be specific , but I would buy used as speakers have little to go wrong short of actual abuse and the depreciation is often very high. Earlier models of current speakers are often very close and sell for far less. A paid of KEF 107/2s sold the other day for $1800. They would cost $8000 if made today and are still excellent speakers. Since you have the sub you have more flexibility to find speakers the have a limited low frequency but are otherwise excellent. Look at what is available and then go to Audioreviews.com to check on what others have said about them. Stan
I have a wharfedale Evo center and some older JBL bookshelfs for surrounds.
Go for Definitive Technology Power Monitors 900's or else BP2002TL. PM900's are stand mounted front radiators with side mounted powered subs and the 2002TL are bi/triwireable floorstanding bipolar speakers with built in powered subs. I prefer the PM900's overall, but both are great for music or H/T. Check out their website. In the past I have had NHT 3.3's, 2.9's, 2.5i's, AC2 and AC1, Vandersteen 2ce Signatures with VCC1 and Vandy 1c's. They are gone now, but I don't miss them with the Def Tech around, especially in HT applications. The reviews are not hype. Good Luck!