I need some speakers identified.

60's end table speakers. No markings. I will post pics.
Without seeing pictures I will guess Empire or Sansui.
My guess is JBL or Altec.
Then why ask the question before posting the pics? Is this one of those teaser posts to get us interested in pictures of old speakers forthcoming?

Bet you write commercials for the evening news at 10:00 pm too.

Looks like this is your first post. Maybe your first thread should have been,

"Need help posting links to pictures."

Sorry, but hope you understand you can only post a link to a picture here, and not the actual picture.
Janis is what I thought but they were late 1970's weren't they?
I'm betting that they are one of those speakers that was six-sided and about the size of an end table. The Janis sub was more like a low coffee table.
If they have a round marble top and are six sided with a down firing woofer they are Empire. Just saw a pair in a thrift shop the other day.
To lessen the suspense, I did some searching and found that the OP had posted a similar inquiry elsewhere, under a slightly different screen-name, which included links to pix. The speakers he is asking about are pictured and described here. They are said to utilize CTS drivers. I can't identify the manufacturer of the speaker, although they are somewhat reminiscent of certain Heathkit and Altec models.

Looks like Mofi gets the prize for the best guess prior to seeing any pictures :-)

-- Al