I need some speaker help

I have a MA-6500 integrated running a pair of Def Tech 7002 and a pair of NS-1000m. I listen to loud blues-rock but the Def Tech crossovers have failed twice and I'm in search of my second NS-1000m tweeter. I'm willing to spend the money for the right set of speakers that will hold up to Joe Bonamassa crankin'.
Yamaha still makes tweeters for the NS 1000s I believe. You may need more power.
Good advice. He should have clarified... when an amp is driven to clipping (distortion) that's a nasty load to a loudspeaker. You probably need a much bigger amp. Search here for Wyred4Sound amps. Clean, powerful and ballsy.
go to the montana audio site and check out there speakers and then find somewhere to listen to them you will truely be amazed
What does "Spend the money" mean?
I suggest high efficiency speakers with prosound drivers.

You might contact Johnk, as he can probably build you exactly what you need.

Other alternatives include the JBL model 4430 or 4435 studio monitors, or Altec Model 19, or Klipsch Heritage series, or one of the larger PiSpeakers models.

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Line arrays might also work.
I agree with the first two posters. From the damage you are sustaining, it sounds like you are clipping your amp and need more (clean) power. Amplifier clipping will take out tweeters(and/or x-over caps) regardless of the brand/quality of the speaker system.
Addendum: Yes- The alternative is a much more efficient speaker system. But at 92db/1w/1m the DT 7002's are already fairly high efficiency. How big is your listening room? With 200wpc and 92db efficiency you should able to generate some fairly high SPLs.
I'm willing to spend the money for the right set of speakers that will hold up to Joe Bonamassa crankin'.

You need clean amplification and spreakers with pro drivers (not consumer speakers with northern european mass produced drivers). Horns with TAD drivers and woofers or ATC or PMC or Meyer or Westlake speakers.

It is not well known (as there are no specifications for it) but consumer speakers will compress relatively quickly (Xmax and thermal compression limits how loud they can play). A typical pro driver will typically play 6 db louder than the very best Excel consumer woofers without any hint of compression. Once you have a design with all pro drivers then it boils down to just a BIGGER BOX and more large woofers to get you were in SPL you want to go. (Note that because consumer designs are not intended to play loud then the tweeter and mid range are usually not capable of going loud either - so it is NOT as simple as adding several JL F113 subs as you will still get compression and faliure from tweeters and midrange. A pro design will use a waveguide to assist the tweeter down low and it will tend to crossover the tweeter higher in frequency so as to limit its excursion when playing loud)
I saw Joe Bonnamassa wednesday and he was great but extremely loud.
Mr S- I've been in the sound reinforcement business for almost 30 years and never has seen a speaker system or horn design that varies it's tweeter's response with relation to it's SPL. What company or companies build such a system or crossover? I'm assuming it would also have to vary the midrange so as not to leave a gap in the system's response as it's output increased? I'm truly intrigued. You use the term "waveguide" which is a horn/throat design intended to smooth the frequency response of a horn across it's entire dispersion range, and has nothing at all to do with the driver's crossover frequency or it's diaphragm's excursion. IE: (http://aa.peavey.com/downloads/pdf/qwp1.pdf)