I Need Some "Modern Groove" Jazz Suggestions

Hi, I've searched old threads looking for just the right jazz but can't find what i'm looking for.Please help. My normal tastes tend to lean with saxaphone "lead" quartets(Coltrane) being my favorite, but now i'm looking to find some jazz with a fast-driving "modern" groove to it.
Instrument Criteria: Saxaphone (I love)
Horn (Like it)
Bass (Like it)
Drums (Like it)
Guitar (Don't like)It has to be
way in the background.
Vibraphone,Xylaphone (Hate it)

I have found quite a few suggestions in other threads and have listened to the following and Didn't like.
charles lloyd, terence blanchard, kenny garrett, mccoy tyner, medeski martin wood, john scofield, charlie hunter, bill frisell, bela fleck, soulive, karl denson, galactic, phish, pat metheny, keith jarrett, dave holland, chris potter, brad mehldau, wayne shorter, spyro gyra, the bad plus, down to the bone WAS close but too funky"acid jazzy", four 80's east, greyboy allstars, larry carlton,m base, crusaders, pat marino, marty ehrlich, buster williams, eddie henderson, steve slagle, chick corea, sonny clark, ray brown, dave brubeck, ruby braff, mark whitfield, modern jazz quartet. Does anyone have any other suggestions to try, or should i learn an instrument and start my own band. I'm going a little crazy. Thanks.
OK...you're probably gonna say what it this guy thinking, but I have one suggestion that probably won't get repeated.

The Beastie Boys did an album called 'The In Sound From Way Out'...it's all instrumental so it is NOTHING like their other stuff...I have played it for many people and nobody guesses who it is yet they all like it.

You may like it or it may just be one more band to add to that insanely large list you already have.

just my 2c
That's an exhaustive list of things in my music collection! But, your taste is your taste. Try "Elastic" by Joshua Redman and yaya3.
Greg Osby is the only name I can come up with, but frankly you sound hopeless :-) I mean, if you like bass but don't like Ray Brown, what is there to say?

Good luck, Dave
What the heck do you mean by "Modern Groove is good" but "Funky acid jazzy is bad"?

If you like sax and horn driven music, focus on sax & horn players. Later Miles Davis(e.g. Bitches Brew is worth a listen if you like challenging music that includes a cacophony of instruments, and plenty of atonal stuff).
Joe Henderson is a great "modern" sax player that isn't too funky.
If you like "cool jazz", try some Chet Baker(trumpet) or Gerry Mulligan(Bari Sax)/featuring Chet Baker.
Cheers, Spencer
A lot of those you listed have recorded in a wide variety of styles. Maybe you listened to one of their efforts that wasn't to your taste, but another might be. Bill Frisell recorded some stuff with Ginger Baker that might be what you seek, but he's also recorded some very atmospheric stuff as well as albums that leaned towards country and bluegrass and some that are more avant-garde. Charlie Hunter has recorded from reggea to who knows what, Dave Holland from mainstream to avante-garde to ???.

Give us some help here. It is impossible to discern what you are looking far from a list of negatives. Is there anything you do like besides Coltrane?

Is it possible you just don't like music? Don't like guitar? What's that all about?
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try listening to some when I get a chance.
I knew I might get some,what the heck is he.....But I'll try to answer some of the "questioned" responses.

Sbank,the music that I listened to and called too funky, or acid jazzy. Either had a clear 70's "pimping tune" to it or had hockey game organ and funky synthesizer sounds or had about 100 different instruments playing, some I believe weren't instuments at all but objects picked up and hit.

Dopogue(Dave)I like bass but I'm after a total sound, if it has good bass with vibraphone or too much jazz guitar, I don't like it.

I don't care for "jazz guitar" sound. And vibraphone,xylaphone percussion turns jazz into cheesy elevator music to my ears. I guess I'm looking for old quartet sound, but fast paced and sort of a driving beat. It's hard for me to describe music.

Herman, Besides Coltrane, I do like Art Blakey.
How about Sonny Rollins ? His "Way Out West" is just sax, bass and drums. You might also try "Saxaphone Colussus".

Branford Marsalis's "Trio Jeepy" is great sax trio too. I think he has some others.

I concur with the Joshua Redman suggestion. I like his self titles debut CD, and his one that's live at the Village Vanguard.
Not jazz, but have you listened to Jimmy Smith?

If you like funky 70's organ sound, he is still
playing a Hammond B3.Go get your roller skates!
Try the following: Mindi Abair "It Just Happens That Way", Fishbelly Black "Crusader", Bona Fide "Royal Function" or "The Poe House".

Which Four 80 East album did you hear? I really like all three of their albums but they are clearly not everyone's cup of tea.
I'm not sure what a "modern groove" is but get a copy of Johnny Griffin "Return of the Griffin" on Galaxy for fast driving saxophone. It is very well recorded to boot.
You might try going on Amazon.com and searching for albums that you love. Scroll down and check out "Buyers of x, also bought y".

My guess is you should focus on these great sax players:
Ben Webster(perhaps not modern, but certainly great)
Sonny Rollins

Also Charles Mingus' band had plenty of great sax/horn, not to mention trombone and bass work. "Ah Um" is the best starting place...
We're all dying to know when you find SOMETHING you like ;-)
Cheers, Spencer
The 1960's Miles Quintet?

Roy Hargrove?
Try "Sonny Side Up" by Gillespie, Rollins & Stitt. Track #2, The Eternal Triangle, is an awesome blowing contest between Rollins & Stitt (on sax) that is very up tempo. At the end Gillespie plays some amazing solos for an added treat. Good luck.