I Need Some Opinions...

I have a modest turntable setup consisting of a Pro-Ject RM 5.1SE with the stock 9cc carbon arm. I use it through a Project Phono Box II SE and use a Pro-Ject Speed Box II SE. The preamp is connected to my Krell 400xi integrated driving Hales Revelation 3 speakers. I am still using the Sumiko Blue Point No.2 which came with the table.

My thought is I could likely improve the performance of this setup by changing cartridges; looking for more detail I THINK a LOMC might be a good idea. Is this a correct thought?

I am considering a Goldring Eroica LX for this setup. Any ideas if this will get me what I’m after? 

Would I be able to reap more benefits from a much better (i.e. more expensive) LOMC or would my current system make such a purchase meaningless?

Thanks for any input.
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I think you should consider your sources while making your analog direction decision. Do you have a large number of lps in good condition to play? Or are you ready to buy more? Are you willing to learn how to properly set up a cartridge? Or do you listen to mostly digital? I have always been 90% or more an analog listener so when upgrading my analog setup (which I did in phases over a 2-3 year period) these decisions were easy. My system is posted here. Let me know if you have any specific questions about my analog journey. Have fun learning and researching! 
I’m mostly digital but I do own 700+ LP’s.  I started buying Albums in 1980, my first purchase being “Extended Play” by Pretenders.  Most of my records are in good shape, although my first 100 or so moved with me to college where they were sometimes abused by myself and others.  I have set up cartridges in the past but I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means.  I am happy with my digital setup. Thanks for replying.
The whole cartridge setup is about connecting 4 wires and tightening 2 screws (better to do with MM/MI when stylus is removed), then you add the stylus and move/twist the cartridge in the headshell slots by loosing the screws, the stylus must be on the mark given by tonearm manufacturer on template. The cantilever must be in line with marks on template. Tracking force according to cartridge manufacturing recommendation, same position for antiskating. Tonearm parallel to the record then the needle is on the vinyl. That’s it. Very easy!

Manufacturers like Technics supply overhang gauge and all you have to to is to insert headshell into the gauge and alight the cartridge, there is a mark for stylus position. It is super easy!

Dr.Feickert designed universal protracktor for whatever tonearm and whatever turntable, if you have it you can align any cartridge in any tonearm on any turntable and it will be spot on. All you need is to choose Baerwald, Lofrgen or Stevenson aligned method prodived by Feickert on his protractor. Manual.

Another vote for the Hana cartridge here. I have the the Hana EH and it blew away the ortofon 2m blue I had before.
delos is an overkill for any project table
Utter nonsense.  Their Signature line and the better RPMs and Xtensions are excellent turntables which will do justice to any cartridge.  Especially when fitted with better arms than the originals.