I Need Some Opinions...

I have a modest turntable setup consisting of a Pro-Ject RM 5.1SE with the stock 9cc carbon arm. I use it through a Project Phono Box II SE and use a Pro-Ject Speed Box II SE. The preamp is connected to my Krell 400xi integrated driving Hales Revelation 3 speakers. I am still using the Sumiko Blue Point No.2 which came with the table.

My thought is I could likely improve the performance of this setup by changing cartridges; looking for more detail I THINK a LOMC might be a good idea. Is this a correct thought?

I am considering a Goldring Eroica LX for this setup. Any ideas if this will get me what I’m after? 

Would I be able to reap more benefits from a much better (i.e. more expensive) LOMC or would my current system make such a purchase meaningless?

Thanks for any input.
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" think a VPI Prime Scout might be a huge upgrade in tables. Thinking I could pull that trigger and retire my current table."

You'll get plenty of suggestions on what to get. If you chose the VPI Scout, look at this

You will also get plenty of "expert" advice why not to consider VPI.

"I would also likely need to upgrade my phono preamp."
The suggested Lyra Delos will now be served.

Get a nice tube amp, your DONE!

For cartridges, MM ones such as Clearaudio Virtuoso (lightly used), Cartridge Man Music maker III (lightly used) would be near the top sound wise for around $500-550.  I'd second the Hana SL, or Denon 103R for LOMC if your phono preamp has enough gain.  If you're patient, you can land a very good MC for around $700 used.  I've been able to buy a couple $2700-3000 cartridges for under $750 lightly used.  I'd agree that your analog setup is not going to extract the best from such an expensive cartridge.  I personally loved the Virtuoso in my system and I had a good overall system.  I'd still be tempted to try one again and my system is now really good.

If you wanted to upgrade your phono pre, the Allnic H-1200 is out of production but still a good sounding phono pre.  Should be able to get used for about $750-850.  It would be a significant upgrade to what you have.  You already have a good integrated, but if you wanted an excellent sounding preamp WITH an even better phono section built in, the Audible Illusions 2C or 2D would be great.  I had a 2D that kept me happy for about 17 years until I upgraded to an Audible Illusions 3A w/ John Curl MC phono section.  Absolutely hard to beat or even equal in its price range.  The 2D is about $700-800 used and the 3A w/ MM phono is about $1000-1100 used.  These pieces last a long time and the sound is way better than the price.  The AI stuff is one of the all time best buys in stereo equipment.

Bob, thanks for the reply.  I’ve gotten a lot of advice which I need to ponder.  I guess I need to determine what I truly want from my analog system.  Do I tweek what I have, change cartridges or start over from scratch and go big lol.  I have a lot to think about.  I appreciate all the input and am learning a lot.
dorkwad has it right about the Audible Illusions equipment. The only reason for parting with the Modulus 3A was the lack of a remote control. Great equipment at a great price.
I don't know your tonearm but if it's low mass you probably can't go better than a Grado MI.