I need some help

My name is Mike, I am looking at building a couple of sub enclosures for my 2001 VW Jetta. I want to use the Dynaudio Variovent. Now can this vent be in the same airspace as the face of the speaker? If not why? Has anyone had experince w/this product in the car? Thanks
Hello Mike.

Rather than let your question go unresponded to and you think we are a bunch a@#&%$@s, let me offer a thought.

This site is pretty much dedicated to home two-channel audio. But, we sometimes venture into discussions of home multi-channel audio and auto sound. We also venture into other discussions as well, such as favorite beers, best martini recipies, and the relevance of wire. No doubt, you may get some responses, but you will be better served by asking your question on a site that is as dedicated to auto sound as we are to our two-channel home systems.

If and when you make the decision to get the home system up to snuff, we welcome your thoughts and questions. Good Luck, Doug
Any suggestions regarding what sites are serving the car audio crowd? Have heard about some newsgroups such as "rec.car.audio"? but not all ISP's allow newsgroup access; ours doesn't.
... the Forum page, here on A-gon. There were some car audio threads running some time ago...

Good luck!
Can you figure out a way to sound proof that thing once you cram it all in there? I can't see out of my mirrors when they are anywhere near me on the road.
Variovents can be used on the baffle of the speaker. To use a variovent though, the cabinet MUST be completely airtight except for the variovent itself. If there are ANY air leaks at all, the variovent is compromised and your results will be strictly hit or miss.

Keep in mind that a variovent is kind of a "cross" between a sealed speaker and a ported speaker. As such, it sounds like neither of them and DOES have a sound of its' own. While it is FAR tighter than a port and does offer the benefits of lower excursion as compared to a sealed design, it isn't as tight as a sealed box nor quite as efficient as a port. Benefits and drawbacks, like anything else. Sean