I need some direction

I've got the itch for more power and something different. My current system consists of Marantz SACD (SA-8260), Audio Refinement Complete Alpha and JM Labs (816s) with audioquest cable. I listen to Jazz and R & B w/ some classic rock on occassion.

Lately I have been looking hard at the Portal Panache Int. I have a weakness for passive integrateds (owned 3 Creeks)but most were not powerful enough. I'm curently in a small to medium size room but will be moving to a larger one in the future.

Any ideas ?
If you already like the Audio Refinement have you considered the YBA line? The Initial will not give you any more power but you could look at something like a Passion 200 or 300 integre. It would be a mighty step up but could very well keep you from wanting to upgrade for ten or fifteen years.

Good luck!
If you have been happy with YBA I think you'll be quite enchanted with the Passion. Amazing! I love mine. I owned the Integre for 7 years before I had the itch to move up. I have never heard the Panache, but have listened to many heavy weights before and since the Passion. This baby can go tete a tete with anything out there, at any price, and hold its' YBA head high...
The new Creek Classic 5350 SE is 90x2, passive pre, and it sounds like you like Creeks... you get a lot more power out of it than the older Creek 4330 or the Complete you have. Could be your ticket, but like you said, you maybe ready for something different. The Portal has gotten rave reviews, and there is a comparison review between the Portal and the 5350SE either on Audio Asylum or here on Audiogon.
Give yourself greater options in future by buying the amp of your choicce (dictatedby current speakers) and get a passive "pre" or better put control box.The Placettee comapny has gotten great reviews and makes a one input one output bos with what like 100 Vishay resistors and also makes a multiple input unit.Reviews are uniformallyy excellent.I have had intergrated,seprates,tubes,everything.I must say there have been times when the added "ooomph" from the active setting is something I have prefered and sometimes not.But this way you can get cleanest sound from source but go froma 200 watt SS to a 50 watt push pull or go into "the ether" with SET at 7 watts.I like the cost savings and compactness of intergrateds and dislike ANY cable signature but get the bug every few years to try something else.Only caveat is yes youy might fall in love with a Plinius or Unico or some such item (like your Creek!great value there)and get more bang for the buckup front but with the Placette starting at $600 used you could have options you may for close off incremental changes which will mean a full make over if a diffent speaker or source with too little output voltage tickles your fancy in the future.
Hi James
Here's that link mentioned above
Copy and paste the link. It's a well written description comparing the Portal and the Creek.. The guy did a good job trying to explain the difference.
I would also like to add that I had a Portal Panache here for about five months. I sold it after Buying a Unison Unico. Now I have sold the Unico and bought another Panache..forget the remote, I want better sound.
Thanks for the input,

As much as I would like to go up the YBA line I also want to stay married to my wife. I may have to wait a little while before parting with $$$ for a Passion 200.

The Placette seems nice but I want to keep my system as simple as possible.

Thanks Shoe for the review. I'm leaning in the direction of the Panache. Thanks again !!!
James, stay married to your wife? Get your priorties in order my man...lol..the waf plagues us all...
Just in case you are checking back. The Panache finally came in today and I've been sitting here listening to it for the last two hours. It's like my speakers were sick and have gotten over a bad cold! More open soundstage, wider , deeper, cleaner, bass is livley and the Panache seems to do it with ease.. Just what the doctor ordered. After awhile i just listened to the music instead of analyzing the system..a welcome relief.
I was thinking about changing speakers but going to hold on to these Revel F 30's for awhile, seems to be a very good match with the Panache.
good luck