I need recommendations on Speakers for McIntosh

I have a MX136, MC207, MVP881, MS750 and HT Series speakers.

I'm happy with the Speakers for Home Theater. They don't do justice to Vinyl, SACD or 7 1/2 ips tape.

Where I live, I have very limited access to demo sites and would appreciate some suggestions before I start travelling to listen. I am not impressed with the latest McIntosh Speakers at any price.

Thanks for your help.

Sarasota, FL
heard a couple that really seemed to work well with mac. one was PMC and the other was KEF reference. the kef 201/3? I think was a really nice match I thought.
McIntosh matches well with the B&W 800 series speakers, the current Diamond models.
Thanks. I'll research both.
B&w 803/804, Kef 201/203/205, Focal 826? I had three different sets of Kefs in the 90s, always liked them, might of owned them again if there were a local dealer. Currently have B&w with Mcintosh and they play well together, no regrets. Heard the Focals at dealer driven with Mc, another great match. The Focals and Kefs will be easier to drive than the B&ws but the B&ws may have a touch more warmth.
B & W, Focal and add Wilson to that mix.
IMO I never understood the B&W/Mac pairing.Both have issues in bass control and speed to just name a couple.If keeping the Mac I would look for speakers that are quicker,more detailed,better bass and have a more natural mid range.If staying in the main stream speaker arena Focal and Dynaudio come to mind,if you wonder outside that the possiblities increase tremendously.