I need new music....

I probably have narrow tastes. I listen to a lot of soft rock voals, like James Taylor, Jennifer Warnes, Mary Black, Joni Mitchell, and light jazz such as Four Play, Earl Klugh, Flim and the BB's, Pat Coil. My problem is that I haven't found much new music for awhile. Anyone out there have similar tastes and would suggest some of their favorite music? Thanks in advance for your input.
There is so much good stuff out there I find it hard to keep up. Try going to http://www.pandora.com and type in your favorite artist. I'd be surprised if you didn't find some new stuff. Also, go to Amazon and find an artist you like. Pull up a favorite CD from that artist and look at the bottom for music lists from listeners that have similar tastes. Both of these keep me busy with new stuff. Good luck!
Go to Pandora radio, create a station naming the artist you like and they will play that artist and similar artists.

It's a start.

As a Mitchell fan, I find Beth Orton great. Lucinda Williams too
Art Garfunkel "Scissors Cut", Kelly Sweet "We Are One" and any thing from Tori Amos.
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I apologize in advance if these are already known to you, but I'd throw out:

Eva Cassidy
Cowboy Junkies
Doug Macleod

When I am looking for new music, I go to allmusic.com, call up my favorite groups, and follow the hyperlinks to similar bands / artists.
Patricia Barber, Norah Jones, Paul Simon, Larry Carlton,Lee Ritenour, John Scofield..
Give Curtis Stigers a try. Either "Secret Heart" or "You Inspire Me." Its jazz with vocals.

Tift Merritt, Lyle Lovett, Keb Mo, Eddie From Ohio, Trio (Parton/Harris/Ronstadt), Susan Tedeschi, Buddy Miller. Definitely Eva Cassady. Marc Cohn.
Try Keb 'Mo Slowdown
I like Fourplay a lot... a lot more since Larry Carlton joined Bob's band, replacing Lee on guitar. Larry's own body of work is remarkable as well inclusive of his own albums - Sapphire Blue, and Deep into It. Ronnie Earl is also one to consider (Grateful heart).

A more involving and upscale jazz gruop is the Urban Jazz coalition.. "Long street"... The yellowjackets too are steady long time players.

Others such as Spyro Gyra - 20/20, In Modern times, Wrapped In a Dream etc, They've spanned a long time too with a varied wealth of infulences and broad appeal. Susannah McCorkel.

Gladys Knight recently did an album of jazz and pop covers and is pretty nice in fact. Queen Latifa also did one using her own name and it's very good..."The Dana owens Album"..
KD Lang has to be in a collection, somewhere, she's just too great a talent to pass up. Tony Bennet and KD recently did "A Wonderful World" together and it's just super.

For a change of pace and some variety if you ever liked the early Eagles you'll enjoy Little Big Towns "The Road To Here" & "A Place To Land". Both are excellent well recorded, examples of fine harmonies throughout, great solo performances with everything from laid back ballads to kickin' up beat cuts and should not be overlooked! Their harmonies are simply must 'hears' for any serious music lover.

I'm gonna take a peek at the aforementioned sites too... usually I just do the iTunes suggestions of related artists myself. Browse around, buy a track or two. burn it to disc and IF I dig it? Buy the disc. Hearing first for me with few exceptions is how I'll go mostly in acquiring new tunes.

Nice thread, thanks.
Break out a little bit, especially if you have a good stereo system. Try "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman" and "Ballads" by John Coltrane.


Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Art Garfunkel - Angel Clare
Janis Joplin - Pearl
Jerry Mulligan/Thelonius Monk - Mulligan Meets Monk (best recorded sound quality of Monk's piano I've heard)

None of these are new but they aren't old, either. They are timeless.
New one by Raol Malo " After Hours' is killer...
eric andersen, john martyn, sal valentino, jimmy webb
nice soft-rock/pop sound
Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Mark Knopler, Wilco, all have new cd's of this ilk.
I enjoy smooth jazz on occassion and find Bob James, Joe Sample and George Benson very nice. If you like horns Chris Botti is very nice as well.
Keren Ann, SIA, Ryan Adams, a Beauty Room, Bic Runga
These are not new releases but you may find that they are new to you (however, some of the cuts have received heavy radio play so maybe not).

1. Iron & Wine -- Our Endless Numbered Days

2. Amos Lee -- Amos Lee

3. Jackson Brown -- Solo Acoustic, Volume 1

4. James Blunt -- Back to Bedlam

5. Kasey Chambers -- Barricades & Brickwalls

6. Mary Chapin Carpenter -- The Calling
A few more came to mind...

1. Amy Winehouse -- "Back to Black"

2. Damien Rice -- "9"

3. Ryan Adams -- "Easy Tiger" and "Heartbreaker"
Ronnie Earl: fresh talanted blues/jazz guitarist, former member Roomful of Blues: Ronnie Earl And Friends,Peace of Mind

Mark Knopfler: Shangri -La, Kill to Get Crimson; incredible recordings too

Eric Bibb: fresh twist on blues core. Diamond Days. A great album. Excellent recording.

I could listen to all of them back to back many times repeat.

Have fun!
Holly Cole---patty Larkin--januvia magness
Here's are a couple that you might not have heard, but might enjoy:

The Waifs "A Brief History"

Patti Griffin "Children Running Through" (the song "Heavenly Days" is outstanding
Based on your stated tastes, if your short list doesn't already include the following, it should.

James Blunt (CDs & DVD)
Damien Rice (CDs)
Ray Lamontagne (check out the "Till The Sun Turns Black CD)
David Gray (CDs & DVD)
Diana Krall CDs & DVD)
Cassandra Wilson (CDs)
Patricia Barber (CDs)
Martin Sexton (Check out the "Black Sheep" CD)
Boz Scaggs (The "Greatest Hits Live" DVD is a must have as it is one of the better recorded and produced DVD concerts).
Listening to Laurie Anderson -- Life On A String right now. This is some fun stuff. The bass on track 6 is shaking my walls.
Listen to Greg Brown, Jane Siberry, kd lang, Jeff Buckley. This is not new if new means released in the last year or two but if it's new to you then it will sound fresh.
Jane Monheit, Diana Krall, Karrin Allyson, Stacey Kent, Erin Bode,Dave Grusin and Martin Taylor.

Check out CD Baby.com, my latest from there is Tom Hanson "Everything Takes Forever". I think you would love it.
How could I forget Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel the Illinoise." I hate to be one of those people who recommend something over and over but this is cd is exceptional start to finish.
Get a Squeezebox and set up a few internet accounts, such as Pandora. This is the best way to find new music today IMHO.
Eva Cassidy, HEM, Sasha Dobson, Erin Boheme

BTW, cdbaby is a great source for unknown bands. I buy a lot of my music from there.
I'm currently in love with Joan Osborne, probably out of my
league though. A very under-rated artist. Steve
stevewr, did you get the new Joan Osbourne album, Breakfast in Bed? If not, it is worth checking out. She has really matured as a singer with this album.
I too like Fourplay and Earl Klugh for light jazz. My other favourites include Acoustic Alchemy and Pat Metheny. I was listening to a lot of Metheny's works recently. I would be glad if others could recommend some other artists as well.

Thank you for the suggestion of Pandora. I have read a few posts about this website but never checked it out. One of my favorite bands is Band of Horses, and that is the first group I plugged in. Pandora is now playing similar groups, with the first being Sonic Youth's "Do You Believe in Rapture?". Way cool. I have never really listened to anything by SY, and I enjoyed this particular song immensely.

Thanks again,
Tboooe, Yes I did! I totally agree. This girl has got it
going on. Steve
Eleanor McEvoy, Rachael Sage...both are good....and to the person that suggested kd lang, the 'Songs from the 49th Parallel' is amazing!

Feist-let it die audiophile grade recording. Cowboy junkies any and all. And yes Wilco- sky blue sky, and I'm not there sound track (Dylon covers) which highlights all along the watchtower (Ed Veddor) and never before released Dylon's I'm not there.