I need information on the AR-ES-1 turntable, how

I've recently come into possession of a 1990 AR-ES-1 turntable, with the Sam Tellig mods, the metal armboard, Audioquest PT-5 arm and cable, etc. However, I need to know what to lubricate the main bearing with, and also where I can purchase a new motor and new belts for this turntable. If anyone has any answers or experience with this, please help! Thanks!
On Audio Asylum's vinyl page, theres a man with the name of
"AR guy",If there is anyone that knows this table it's he,I would post your Q on AA. He answered alot of questions about my ES/RB-300 rig.

luck be with, J
There used to be a company in Tenn with the name Merrill in the title, that offered service, parts, upgrades and advice on AR turntables. The closest I can find now is http://www.merrillaudio.com/, and, this really might be them. (It's too early in the morning to call or else I'd check them out myself. 901-405-0261).