I Need Info on My Speakers so I can sell them

A few years back, I picked up a pair of speakers made by a company called Rush Sound. I know that they are made by Rush Sound because it says so on the front, but that is about all the info that I can gather. I do recall that at the time I purchased them I read that J.Gordon Holt used these speakers as his reference speaker, but that is all I recall and if there is a specific model, I can't tell what it is. They are mid/tweeter only - you have to hook them up with a subwoofer. The mids are 5.5 and I am pretty sure that the tweeters are the Pioneer ET-703 which retailed at about $1800 a piece. I do recall that the speakers had a retail of $6000 back in the day. I want to sell them because I like to get new stuff periodically. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), I have not  found a speaker that can replace them. I have tried speakers from ATC, Spendor, Magnepan, Golden Ear, Fritz and more but nothing competes with the stark realism of these speakers (for the record, Fritz came the closest). I will say, however, that I am tired of dealing with a subwoofer and that is another reason why I want to sell them. My problem is that I have no idea what I should be asking since these are the only ones I have ever seen for sale. Does anyone know about these speakers or have an idea what I should be asking? Is there a way I can post a photo?