I need ICs for my system. Anyone have this set up?

Hi, I'm new here. I just purchased a pair of B&W Signature 800s and a pair of Pass Labs X-600s to run them. I also purchased a Meridian 861 v4. I also have an Arcam dv27(I hope to get the Meridian 800 and get rid of the Arcam, but I'm a little low on funds after this insane spending spree.) I am going to purchase the PS Audio P-1000 for clean power. What I would like to know is...Does anyone have a system close to this to recommend ICs and Cable? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Tigmag1, my system has a Pass LabsX-350.5 and Threshold SA-1 monoblocks, so as far as amps we have something in common in our systems. I have auditioned many wires in my system and have finally settled on Acoustic Zen's Absolute, Silver referenceII, Matrix referenceII IC's, and Absolute speaker wire. I think it sounds great and Mr. Robert Lee, Acoustic Zen owner/designer, is a genius who offers great sounding products at very reasonable prices. I think his Matrix referenceII IC's and Satori speaker wire are some of the great bargains in high-end audio. So, you might want to put Acoustic Zen on your audition list. Hope this helps.
The chances of anyone having your exact setup are slim. Furthermore, just one component difference can be night and day in sonic presentations between otherwise identical systems.

With that said, I'd like to toss into the ring, the Audio Tekne speaker cables and interconnects. Audio Tekne is mostly known for their outrageously priced and good amps and preamps. However, their cable prices are more than reasonable and easily the best I've heard.

My runner-up recommendation and what just may be more beneficial for your particular system with that line conditioner would be the insanely INexpensive Speltz Anti-cables and Anti-ics. The Anti's are amazing performers. Especially when one can outfit their entire system for about $200 to $300.

Sorry I can't help you with cable choices, but I would recommend a shunyata hydra over the PS Audio unit.
This particular unit "choked" lesser amps.
You should play with it and with the amps plugged into the outlet, preferably a dedicated run. You might want to consider a passive line filter in that case.
The power conditioner might do some good on the low power components in your system.
Thanks for all your input. I have heard good things about the shunyata. I'll look into it. As for the ic info, I guess I will have to just buy and listen, then buy and listen and hopefully find what I am looking for. Thanks again.
Oritek X-2's.