I need help with UPS.

Does anyone have a phone number or email address for loss prevention in UPS? I bought an item off this site and never received it.  I had my shipments on hold and it still shows in my UPS account but was supposedly delivered and left in front of my gate instead of the UPS store while I was on vacation. This was in late September.  I have been following all of the instructions by UPS but have caught them in multiple lies.  I would like to contact someone because I think I am being scammed by them.  The seller and shipper from here has also contacted UPS and was given the run around.  I would appreciate contact that doesn't involve the offshore "customer service".
your Secretary of State has a legal address for them

get it off the web and send them a letter - at the top of the letter use the words "Notice of Intent to Sue"

also try to work the words "Class Action" into the letter

or file a complaint with your state's consumer protection agency 
- if you live in a red state you may not have one
These are the only numbers I’ve used in the past. Maybe they still work and will help.

UPS Freight – 800 443 6379
GROUND 800 333 7400
UPS 800 742 5877

once they pick up, say out loud, REPRESENTATIVE…. EVENTUALLY YOU’LL GET ONE.

is this a USA or ‘domestic’ shipment & delivery?

was it insured? Was it sent signature requested?

Did you have or do you have proof of any acknowledged requests for holding delivery at their warehouse while you were on vacation?

Or does the seller have any of these items as the seller is the ‘shipper’ according to UPS.

My EXP with carriers, usually lays the burden of packing, and delivery onto the boxes the shipper checks. The seller/shipper gets a receipt showing what all is supposed to take place, how when and where, and the costs for it all.

I’ve tried talking with a carrier on certain points and not being the shipper in that case, was unable to get info from the carrier. Other than routine deliver info, where it was last logged in, in trarnsit, date due, etc..

The seller/shipper has the burden of responsibility for communication, handling, details, etc.

You have a contract for a sale of goods with the seller. The seller has a contract for delivery of goods with the carrier.

One is your business, the other one is the sellers.

Rely on the seller to follow thru.

Good luck.

I would physically go to the UPS center that handles your area (not a retail store). Talk with someone there face to face. Keep asking to speak with a person higher up if they cant answer your questions, ask to speak with the center supervisor and get thier direct #...go all the way to a district supervisor if you have to and get thier #! GL

Matt M
Thank you for your responses.  I did not just start contacting UPS, without going back to my call log and counting I estimate I am in the neighborhood of 50-60 calls in with UPS.  I contacted UPS within a few hours of receiving the email that my package had been "delivered" on October 3rd while I was in Hawaii.

I do have proof that all my packages were to be on hold with UPS but UPS does not care or care to look up the holds on my UPS account. 

I have visited the local distribution facility and spoken to supervisors there.  It was there that I learned that I was entitled and supposed to have a driver interview.  Because 'customer service' never explained that, I was able to have them reopen the investigation.  (An investigation is required before a claim can be made in UPS land).  Of course the first investigation concluded the package had been delivered which meant in UPS land no claim could be filed because they did indeed deliver and leave my package in front of the gate to my home instead of the UPS Store while I was away.   They were so 'sorry' and there was nothing they could do and there was nobody to talk to. 

Customer Service stated 'I needed' to contact the shipper and have them file a claim since that was who there contract was with and the only person they could provide information to.  They said they had contacted the shipper, provided them with instructions and the findings of my investigation and contact info.  None of that happened.  They did email the same half a half sheet a paper I received that had our tracking number a checked box that stated "delivered". When the shipper contacted UPS they said they could not file a claim because it was invalid - the package had been delivered.  The recipient should contact UPS!!!  Of course I called back after hearing this and told them that shipper had never received instructions or the info and instructions they claim to have to have emailed - could they email them again? Sorry they could not, and there was nobody in the company that could.  That is when I visited the facility.

  When the investigation was reopened the the driver started playing games with showing up for the driver interview.  The supervisor stated the driver had reported to the system that he showed up for a drivers interview when he did not because my wife was home at the tame stated. After scheduling over the phone with the driver's supervisor at the shipping facility I stayed home from 10 am to 5 pm waiting for a driver who never showed.  The supervisor and customer service took my phone number but never called. Then customer service told me they had located the package and it was ready to be picked up at the local facility only to get a call from the same supervisor I scheduled my driver interview with to tell me in fact there was no package to pick up.  Then I was told I would be contacted again by that supervisor after she looked into my investigation or by loss prevention.  That was last week and never happened.  

In the meanwhile I ordered another pre amp which also was delivered by UPS and of course screwed up but in the opposite way.  After picking up the pre-amp from the shipping facility UPS kept emailing me reminders to pick up the shipment I already picked up until I called them back to end it.  No problem for them doing that. It was the first time 'customer service' actually followed through from the call center in the Philippines.

This will be my first claim in my lifetime.  UPS was the good shipping company out here, but the lying with the rejection of their own protocol and standards this is some real bs I would like to get someone fired for.  It is just a shame that I cannot tell if the driver is scamming UPS or corporate has their head so far up that they will sacrifice the drivers and facility crews with customer service designed to purposely not function so they do not have to accept responsibility for the actions they perform.  

I too was lied to by UPS nov 2017 waited home entire day for $4000.amp they said out for delivery today only at close 5pm an email or text the address on package was faulty.I made frantic calls to seller,UPS said it would come the next day.When it did the driver checked his scanner and my package was sent to another city about 30 miles away,there was noting wrong with my address on the package.They played me for a fool and wasted an entire day of my time.