I need help with my set up, PLEASE

My riend recommended that I post this question here. First of all here are my components and speakers.
Processor - Sunfire Theater II
Amp - Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature
Speakers- Martin Logan Ascents, Theater and Descent Sub
DVD- Dennon 5900
TV- SONY kp 57 wv600
Here is my problem and questions.
First of all I need help with the DVI connection from the DVD player to the TV. What kind of cable do I need? Also should I use the 6 channel cable output on the DVD player to the Processor and why? Also I need some recomendations for cables. I am looking at new speaker cables and inter-connects. One of the lines I am looking at is Nordost Blue Heaven and also Signal Cable (not the silver res). I am also very open to suggestion w/o breaking the bank for cost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Lots of question Carl, but my system is much like yours, having recently got some Ascents, so maybe my response will be of use to you -
1) I don't know your DVD or TV - do they both have DVI and or HDMI inputs/outputs? If yes, there's plenty of appropriate cables around - anyone from BestBuy to your local high-end shop can help you. If one unit is DVI and one HDMI, you can also get cables with such connections on either end. Difference? - HDMI has sound too, DVI doesn't.
If you don't have DVI or HDMI on the DVD and/or TV, then you're out-of-luck. Use component cables.
2)There's no point using the 6 channel cable output on the DVD player to the Sunfire as the Sunfire II doesn't support discrete SACD / DVD-A which is what the 6 outputs are all about. You have to get to the Sunfire III to get the discrete inputs.
3) The CableCompany lets you try different cables to flavor your system as you like. Highly recommended. I have Transparent all around and highly recommend, particularly given your other choices of equipment.
If you have other questions get to me offline.
You need a DVI cable. Audioquest makes them, as do others. You should use the 6-channel analog output mainly to play DVD-Audio discs. Most DVD-Audio discs (maybe all of them?) have a Dolby 5.1 layer as well as the high resolution DVD-Audio layer. You can only play the Dolby layer if you do not connect the 6 analog outputs from the DVD player to the processor.
Coincidentally, I just posted a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven 2 meter speaker cables for sale. Good cables. I think Nordost is more highly regarded for speaker cable than for interconnects. Signal cable also makes good speaker cables and interconnects.


Resolved! Thanks!