I need help with J River and Squeezebox Touch

I recently purchased J River software, and started re-ripping my CDs as flac files. It plays fine thru my Squuzebox Touch (wirelessly), but I created some playlists in J River, and the Squeezebox does not detect these. The screen on the Squeezebox says playlists are "empty". What am I doing wrong? Thanks for help.
I have the same software and hardware. I use the JRMC for ripping to FLAC and will also use it to output via firewire to my DAC for critical listening. However, 95% of the time I use the SBT over a wired connection to send the files. Long story short, you will need to define playlists inside the Logitech Squeeze server seperately from whatever you were using within the JRiver software. They don't "talk" to each other at all.
I'm confused, why would you be using JRiver with the Logitech stuff? I think Squeezebox Server is all you need aside from ripping. I used DBpoweramp for ripping when I was using Squeezbox products. I'm sure you could rip in JRiver too but for playing/playlists etc, I think you should use Squeezebox Server exclusively.
Thanks for your responses. I tried setting up playlists on the squeezebox server, but it was not intuitively obvious how to do it. Can anyone walk me thru the first couple of steps (to get me started)? Thanks
The first thing you need to do is setup the directory location where the playlists will be stored. Nothing will work until you do that. You can do this under the "basic settings" header just under the Library location setting. I use the same directory for both. Back to the main screen, you can add any and all tunes you want to play on the right hand screen, when done, use the "save Playlist" button in the lower right hand screen section. Now you can name, edit, delete, add to this playlist. Its not a great system but once done, it does work.