I need help with DTS

Sorry about my stupidity, but I'm new to this. I currently have a denon receiver that has dolby digital DTS capabilities. So, do I need to buy a dvd player that also claims dts capability? I don't quite understand the whole dts picture. I appreciate any clarification.
Yes, you will need a DVD player, which can read the DTS signals and pass the signals to your Denon receiver. The transmission is through digital cable and then you can get the signals processed by Denon. Good luck.
Your DVD player needs to be able to recognize and pass the DTS signal through. It doesn't need to be able to decode it because you have a receiver that will decode it. Some of the earlier DVD players did not pass DTS properly. You always want to use the digital audio out connector directly to your receiver. Never use the analog out.
You will probably need to go into the setup menu on the DVD player to set the digital output for the DTS position. You will also need to select the DTS soundtrack on the individual DVD's audio setup menu. Then you will need to select the DTS input on the Denon receiver via the input mode selector. At that juncture you should be hearing DTS. To my ears it sounds a little cleaner than Dolby, but has less midbass content. Happy listening!
Does your DVD player say DTS on the front somewhere? If so your half way there.
I don't have a dvd player yet. Does it need to say dts on the front? In order to truly hear dts sound, my dvd player and my receiver must have dts?
That is correct make sure they both say DTS on the front. Hooking them up is easy. Take care:~)
Endo, it can be a pain getting all your settings right on your receiver to playback DTS the first few times. You'll eventually become fluent with all the steps involved, but if you have a learning remote that supports macros that could eliminate all the button pushing.

Let's say you've been listening to music in 2-channel mode and want to switch to DTS to watch a DVD. Usually, you'd need to follow the steps outlined by Plato above. With my old Marantz pre/pro I need to specify BOTH 5.1 playback and coax input.

Recording a macro and assigning it ONE button makes things a breeze. Once you get it set, you just press one button and it switches all the inputs and modes from 2-channel CD to DTS DVD. Pretty cool.

Have fun!
An even better way is to get a processor that that THX Ultra like one of the Meridians or even a Marantz Receiver. The THX processing, while not actually an encoding like DD or DTS will blow them both away. Also, a THX processor can output THX even if the DVD player is not a THX one. Just a thought