I need help with crossover and compesser

I want to upgrade my crossover and compresser right now they are both rane. right now I have a pass labs x350 and I am going to either get another 350 or move up to the 600s
I also have a peavy eq and a crown amp for my subs and a duel cd player and four klipsch lascalas all the componets are(except the amp ) is rack mount It realy doesant have to be. any suggestions thanks jon

First off, your x350 is way overkill for your speakers. Your speaker sensitivity is 104db with only one watt of power. That means your speakers are only using a few watts to play at rock concert levels. I am sure the many Klipsch fans on this site and others can direct you towards some smaller tube amps that work well with the La Scalas. The x350 is a great amp, just a whole lot more than you need.

Your weak link is surely the CD player. I would look to upgrade that.

Typical hi-fi guys go for the "less is more" approach. Less electronics in the signal path, the better the sound. If your system needs a crossover I would recommend a Bryston. The rest of your eq's are probably doing more harm than good. Sell them, and buy some good cables instead.

Good luck,

Oh yeah, sell the compressor too...
thanks for the advice I wondered about the eq
unfortuntly I need the cd player becouse I have this in my club and I need the duel cd player but I am going to have the eq taken out. Jon
Get a Tact RSC 2.2x and you can use the DAC in it if you duel player has digital outs.. you can EQ it digitally and cross them over in the digital domain and use it as a preamp if you want... Get an upgraded Tact Powersupply from Anthony online here to get the true potential out of it!

X350 is overkill you could run them with Pass Alpha 30's if you wanted to... and get a Crown K2 for the subs..