I need help to get the best of a pair of speakers

I need help to get the best of a new pair of speakers Martin Logan.

I just bough a pair of Martin Logan Monolith III with the crossover IIIx.

I have a Mcintosh MC 7270, a Bryston 4 BST and a Bryston 2BT.

I have As I live in Chile it is not easy to find many option of amplifiers to buy. I have the option to buy a Bryston 14 SBT.

What would be the best to handle the bass and the middle and high section.
If your MartinLogan speakers provide for bi-wiring, the Bryston 14B-SST should do a fine job of driving the speaker in full range.
I have CLS full electrstatic panels. But for your Monolith, the best way is to get solid state amp like Bryston with about 250 watts/ch.(4B is sufficient, 14B is too strong) to the bass driver(12" in each Monolith), and Tube amp like McIntosh, VTL, Audio Research, etc. with 200 watts/ch. to the upper panels.

The panels can only take about 200 watts, and will distort or damage if higher. The tube amp makes the best sound to the panels while the woofer need solid state dynamic for punch.

In case you need tips with biamping -

Preamp out to the passive( or active) crossover -set the crossover around 50-70 Hz. - then the upper out to the solid state amp(Bryston) and the lower out to the tube amp(VTL) - then connect to the 4 speaker terminals.- 1. upper left - 2. upper right - 3. lower left - 4. lower right.

If you don't have a tube amp, you can still use the solid state. But 2 Bryston 4B biamped is better than one Bryston 14B for the following reasons.

1. Upper panels cannot take more than 250 watts. So, if you use one 14B, the woofers will begin clipping before getting enough power to the panels.

2. The 14B has 600 watts and also lot of bass, which the panel may not handle all the time.

Good luck.