I need help selling an item

I purchased a Tice Audio Power Block series II line conditioner in 1994 for $1300. I would like to find someone the Ann Arbor/Detroit area to help sell it. I am not an audiophile and don't want to misrepresent the product. Barely used for a few months in 1994. Would share the sale revenue.
Why don't you pay for an ad like the rest of us?
Post a for sale ad on Audiogon. Make sure the unit functions and post a lot of pictures. People can research the item online if they want tech details.
What kind of force would let non-audiophile purchase Tice power conditioner $1300 in 1994?
I want to hire that salesman!
It sounds like you want someone else to sell the unit for you.

I suggest you contact Echo Hi-Fi in Portland. I used them to sell a CD player and they were excellent. You need to ship the unit to them. They check out your unit, take pictures, write a description, place an ad on their web site and handle the entire sale (packaging, shipping, collection and payment, etc). They are highly recommended. There is a fee but, for me, it was worth it because I did not what to deal with buyers, packaging, shipping and payment.

Phone 888.248.ECHO (3246) or 503.223.2292 /
Email info@echohifi.com

Echo Hi-Fi
1015 SW Washington St.
Portland Oregon 97205


Please review their web site for a list of items for sale and a list of items sold.
The more important question is who is going to buy the Tice Audio Power Block series II line conditioner that he purchased in 1994. As I noted above, I do not know if Echo Hi-Fi will accept this product. They only accept items that, in their opinion, will sell.

If Echo will not accept the product, I suggest Ayoody1 contact retailers in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area and see if someone would accept the item for consignment.
This unit ancient history!!
How bout posting an ad on Craigs List/Ann Arbor or Detroit? That way the ad would not be limited to audiophiles.
If you bothered to go to Google or Bing, you would quickly see that a shop in Ann Arbor, called Paragon & Sound, does consignment sales.

Echo HiFi is great, but Paragon is in your backyard AND is a great shop as well.
Paragon Sight & Sound
Yup Yup Yup...

telegraphed that one.

Paragon Sight & Sound
You should have sold it on Thankgiving as its a real turkey!!
Ebm, The Christmas is near, maybe you can find just another Tice under the tree all of a sudden?
Thank You Santa!