I need help on Cary SLP-05 tube roll ...

Hi all,
I'm newly own a SLP-05 and just hunted some NOS 6SN7s:
- 4 matched Sylvania 6SN7GT tall glass
- 2 matched Kenrad NAVY CKR-6SN7GT black glass
- 2 matched Sylvania JAN-CHS-6SN7GT VT-231

Please help me pick 6 out of them for tube position 1-6
(headphone tube 7,8 can stay with stock)
- 1 and 4 are left channel gain buffer
- 2 and 5 are right channel gain buffer
- 3 and 6 are L&R balanced input buffer.
Which buffer is most sensitive to tube roll, gain or input ?
I'll use the unused 2 tubes for my CAD120S driver buffer

You will need to play around with it and see which sound you like. I tube roll my SLP a lot. Most of the time though, I have Kenrad NAVY CKR-6SN7GT in 3 & 6 and found out that it provides me with good bass and Popes in 1,2,3 & 4. I never change 3 & 6, but roll in diff tubes into the others.

Good luck
I just received response from Gerald Walsh (Cary) confirm this.
Now I need to swap between Kenrad and Sylvania VT-231 in 3&6 to find the best
I got very good result replacing stock tubs with Popes for input buffers. I run my SLP-05 unbalanced.
But most significant improvement I got replacing rectifier tube.
Good luck.
I replaced my rectifier tube with Mullard GZ34 Blackburn along with 6SN7s so I can't tell how much this rectifier tube help tuning.
Homosapien, what improvements did you hear replacing rectifier? What rectifeir did you add?
I replaced stock rectifire tube with Philips Miniwatt metal base - very expensive, but the result is great improvement in all aspects.