I need help hooking up Merlin vsm mme Bam to avr

I have an Arcam avr400 it has preamplifier outputs, also has audio connectors where do I plug in the wires from Bam? seems they're rca jacks, behind the Bam box is L/R input and output.
any advice would be appreciated, I will eventually call Bobby!

You can hook the pre-amp out to the BAM in and the BAM out to the amp in. Or you can put it in the tape loop if the AVR has one.
If you only use a single source i.e. CD player only, put the BAM between the CD player and the pre-amp. Output from your CD player to the input of the BAM, output from the BAM to the input of your pre-amp. You will need one extra pair of interconnects.

If you use multiple sources and your pre has tape in and tape out rca's on the back. Using two pairs of interconnects, take the pre's tape out put into the BAM's input, take the BAM's output and connect it to the pre's tape input.

If you use multiple sources and your pre does not have tape in and tape out rca connections, connect the pre-amps output to the BAM's input, connect the BAM's output to the amplifier's rca inputs.
thank you very much Swampwalker and Brf you have been very helpful, cd player to the bam input and output to the pre-amp, gona try that.
thanks very much guys!!
Since you have a receiver (pre-amp, tuner, amp on one chassis), the BAM output is going to go to the CD input on the receiver, which directs it to the pre-amp section of the AVR and then the amp section. Assumming CD is your only source. For more than one source, insert it into the tape loop as Brf says, or insert btwn the pre-amp and amp section of the receiver, if there is a pre-out and a main amp in.
for now cd source is what I need, so bam output to cd input on receiver and bam input to analog preamp fr right and left speakers output.
I'm a little mixed up now, should I connect the bam "out" to the cd player or to the receiver's cd input? then from bam to receiver's preamp out?
will I need more than two sets of rca jacks? any wires recommendation?
For use w one source, connect output of your CD player to BAM input using RCA cables. Connect BAM output to CD input on the AVR using RCA cables. Select CD input on AVR and enjoy.
thank you so much Swampwalker!!
You're welcome, Tesseract86. Enjoy!!
Hi guys, finally I got the time and my new cables and for the first time going to use the Bams so I'm going to rewire the whole thing tonight
Using the Bam for the cd mode (single mode) I got it you explained it very well, thank you,
I would like to use the Bams for my 5.1 set up and analog stereo music is that possible. I do have a pre-out on my Arcam avr400 but dont know which way to go. I did buy two Morrow MA3 IC
If it has a tape or external processor loop, but the BAM in the tape loop.
Swampwalker, thanks for chiming in, I dont know what to look for in a tape loop yet, but I do have the IC's now and thinking of just using the Bams for(CD)music as you explained in your earlier posts. Would using the Bams for HT 5.1 benefit me in anyway? Or does my Jl audio f113 subwoofer compensates for the Bams in HT mode?

Heres the Arcam avr400 back panel
Thank you so much for your help
Swampwalker, just fired up my system with the new Morrow audio cables, sounds just awesome I'm so happy with the new cables, feels like the whole thing just came to life. what amazed me the most is the bass the new SUB1 cable just cleaned up what I thought was mildly muddy and bloat, I'm going to upgrade to the SUB3, after minor tweaks I will ad the Bams, they are being charged first.
The Merlin vsm are getting much better, I really love them, Bobby made me a VSM cc center speaker a couple of weeks ago, best center channel I have ever heard.
the Bams input and output terminals are not color coded, wich is positive the top or bottom posts of the bams?, its so frustrating that they're not.
when you look at the back of the bam the connectors to the right are output and the ones to the left in the middle of the unit are input. the connectors on the bottom are right and the ones at the top are left. all bams are "marked" in this way unless you have a very old one. the markings are there.
It does not appear that your AVR has a tape loop, so you will have to insert the BAM between your source and the AVR. CD output to BAM input, BAM output to CD input on AVR.
the only marking on Bam is input/output no pos/neg markings red/white terminals on the Bams are same color.
I assume that pos/neg dont matter in the bam terminals.
in anyway the change is subtle, I shut the sub off and trying to adjust bass from speakers looking to have more punch, if my crossover is at 80hz I wont benefit from speaker lows so I set it on 40hz.
Is this about right for the crossover?
Sounds awesome Bobby!
Swampwalker, thanks for looking into this, I did the hook up you suggested and it works well.
thank you very much for your input.
The terminals on the back of the BAM are not positive or negative, they are either left or right channel. Just make sure the left output of the AVR is connected to the left input of the BAM.

In most amps, the right channel can be identified with a red marking, perhaps this is causing the confusing with the +'ve -'ve.
thats what was confusing me, no pos/neg on bam.

The way I have it is,
CD player audio out to Bam input.
Bam output to AVR CD input.
you're saying the avr output to bam input?
thank you for trying to clear up my confusion.
1) CD Player right channel output to BAM right channel input.

2) BAM right channel output to AVR CD right channel input.

Repeat for left channel.
Brf, its done, the change was subtle but still beautiful, need a little overall tweaking
thank you very much
I am glad that it worked out for you.

Yes, the BAM has a subtle affect on the sound that allows the listener to become more deeply engaged in the music without the worry of fatigue.
Brf, thanks for confirming the change was subtle for you as well I was'nt sure what to look, I do hear the differences and with time I'm sure it'll get better.
I'm very happy with my set up now the Merlins just seem to dissapear and I hear sounds I did'nt know were there, I have to admit that the Morrow cables were a huge plus.
I'm really happy about this combination, although I'm thinking of upgrading to the Arcam avr600 but I'm not sure that the system needs more power
I'm having a great time.
thank you Brf