I need help for processor selection

Linn 5 channel amp AV5125
Linn Espek speakers, front and rear
Linn Ekwal center
cheap cd player
cheap dvd player
Transparent cables/interconnects
Panasonic HDTV

That is my setup and now I need a processor. I listen to music/movies about 50/50. I thought if I got a good enough processor, I would not need to upgrade my dvd/cd players for awhile (letting the processor do the processing). Is that flawed logic?

I know I should listen before I buy, but that is tough. That being said, give me some ideas please. My budget is under 3K. Some thoughts I had:

Linn 5103 (no PLII and no DVD-audio a real negative, also concerned with age of unit)
Rotel 1066 (nice price, worried it might not be good enough)
Linn Unidisk SC (unidisk player plus a processor but blows my budget)
Bryston SP1.7
Sunfire (I don't need a tuner though)
Meridian 568.2
I have not listened to ANY of the above, so give me some feedback. Component video switching would be nice but not a must. I can run it direct.

Please help. Thanks.
As a former Meridian owner;that is my pick. I sold off my high end projector and processor. I put that into better 2ch stuff.
Before the Meridian I had 5 processors within a year. (Buy and try--then re-sell, process)
The Meridian I had was the 565 with the DTS,7.1 upgrade. (I only ran 5.1) Not anything at the 1000 price tag comes close. The 568.2 is much better than most can use.
Remember a processor isn't the only item in the chain.
A few other notes: he 565 is the last model with on-screen set up.---It only has 2 inputs (Tos-linc & coax) Your video needs to go straight to your tv.
I'm sure everything else on your list will have more features than the M*--none will sound as dynamic.
You can do searches on any of the above at www.avsforum.com
Hi Rushrx. Keep in mind that I'm a Linn junkie so my opinions will be correspondingly biased. Here's what I suggest. Sell the rear Espeks and replace them with Katans. You can dump the cheap CD and DVD player as well, if you can. Add the money you have left over from the sale of the Espeks to your initial budget of 3K and buy the Unidisc SC. They appear on Audiogon for rougly 3.5K from time to time. You now have, within your budget, a complete, synergistic, matched system. Not only have you got a processor, but you have a good CD and DVD player too, and you've saved the price of interconnects.
Be careful not to invest too much in anything that doesn't offer a path to upgrade. The new lossless Dolby and DTS codecs are just around the corner and you'll most likely need HDMI inputs to derive the most benefit from these new formats. Multichannel inputs are wonderful but often create headaches when it comes to bass management or the require additional A to D and D to A steps in the process. Anthem and Theta are likely to offer appropriate upgrades when the formats have been established. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer for the other models on your list before taking the leap. Good luck!
It seems that no matter what I buy, it has the potential of being outdated when the new HDMI audio format comes out for the new lossless DolbyDigital. If that is the case, I am concerned about spending too much now.

Who has heard the older Linn processor (5103 I think)? I've seen them for 1500. My fear is that something like the Rotel or Outlaw will not give me the increased quality of sound that I am looking for so maybe I'm better off with the older Linn. I am looking for a dramatic improvement. Please give me some feedback.
Rkeman reviews a problem I am also having. The new HDMI formats are not yet supported and I am even having a hard time locating a decent Digital switcher that will cover multiple zones with lots of inputs.