I need help do decide MCINTOSH MC601 7K JC1 5K JC5 4.5K

I’m using all klipsch 7.1 systems 
including a pair of RF 7II 2 pairs of RS62II RC64II 3 subs a pair klipsch SW-115 SVS PC13 ultra 
preamp SONY ZA5000ES
Amplifiers Harman Kardon signature 1.5,citation 7.1 and PA2400
60% movie 40% music
i want to start upgrade
first amplifier, I can get Parasound JC1 5K used  JC5 4.5K new MCINTOSH MC601 NEW 7K with warranty  
which one will sound best with my current set up all klipsch  and future  
I compared the MC601's to the JC1's and bought the JC1's.  No experience with the JC5.  Listen to them all and decide for yourself.