I need help bad

I have an older carver c1000a 200w x 5 to drive my atc's ! fronts atc scm20's, rear atc scm12's, center revel voice and sub atc 1/15 and love them but want them to sing more and need a theater setup, these speakers need alot of power, can anyone help with a new reciever-blu ray player or do I need to go to separates, cannot break the bank but want something really really good, thanks !!!!!
Can I Carver bash?
I'm not trying to cause trouble but besides being very loud, they really lack the clarity and detail of many others. I swore by my Carver until I heard others. Bob Carver got it right with the Sunfires though. Get my hint...
thanks but I don't think sunfire makes anything with dts hd, which I'm told you need with blu ray !
I should add budget is 3,000.00
I'd go with used seperates off audiogon. You can do very well for a processor for 1000-1500 tops (krell, rotel, arcam, lexicon, b&k), and the same amount for a 5-channel amp. There's a new Arcam AVP 700 processor for 1200 (which may not be a good match for blu-ray), and a B&K Reference 200.5 5-channel amp for for 1400.

I agree that the older Carver stuff sucks.
It's a fire waiting to happen. The Motherboards of all Arcam AVR-2XX-3XX units cooked themselves to death along with those for the AVP700 which went 2x faster due to the lack of cooling vents in the top cover!

Arcam service nearly died over that batch of several hundred warranty claims.
LOL - OK, but my advice still stands. And definitely seperates. You can upgrade the processor as needed, and keep the amp forever (and get it recapped every 10 years).
An Integra 9.9 processor mint used... and new Emotiva xpa5 and xpa 2 for less than proposed budget with enough money leftover to buy an oppo 83. Now that's an upgrade and money well spent.