I Need Contact Info for Qobuz

I attended RMAF but was unsuccessful in finding anyone from Qubuz to talk to.  Does anyone have a USA phone number for them?  There Customer Service has not responded to any of my emails and I have some questions I want answered before I even start a trial.  

Also, has anyone compared them to Tidal for the SQ of redbook (16/44.1) or Tidal MQA vs. Qobuz 24 bit FLAC?  I think pricing is the same so I'd like to hear the pros and cons if anyone has made the comparison.
They are not ready for questions from USA customers yet. Paul McGowan of PS Audio has stated in one of his published interviews that Quboz is vastly superior in sonic quality compared to Tidal. The difference in quality was dramatic. Currently all a USA citizen can do is download the Quboz app (which took not more than one minute on my I Phone and listen to 20 second samples at low definition). At least this does allow one to see how their music catalog can be used and it confirms that their library is vast.

David Pritchard

Thanks for your reply.  Several people already subscribe to and listen to all 3 tiers of Qubuz.  I listened to it this week at my dealers showroom.  When I registered they took my credit card info and after a 30 day free trial will bill my card monthly.  I better not get billed for 20 sec. low rate samples.  
You are the first one I hear that in US @shoff 

Meaning the first one to actually give a credit card. All people I know that are trying Qobuz, including myself, use the three month trial (full version with Sublime high resolution) via a code they gave out a CEDIA
Shoff, I haven’t heard a comparison of 24 bit vs. MQA, but as MQA is a lossy format, my money is on 24 bit.  And before anyone chimes in that MQA isn’t lossy, it’s developer, Bob Stewart acknowledges that it is.  However, he believes that the lossiness is in areas that human hearing won’t detect.  Maybe, maybe not.  It may depend on the resolution of your system, and your ears.  I will leave each and every one of you to decide for yourselves, if desired, as you opinion is the only one that should matter to you
Qobuz is a French outfit not really very responsive. They will take your cc USD 99.00 for a year. Never had Tidal. Was streaming Apple Music. Streaming with iPhone-Marantz integrated amp-Sonus Faber Grand Piano. Sound quality superb. I believe as good as any SACD if not better. Getting “soon” an upgrade system and wonder how better Qobuz will be.