I need ccf codes Pronto classic for Theta Carmen

Hi all,
This is a long shot but if you have the Theta Carmen remote control codes pogram to ccf file, could you share ?
I try remotecontrol.com bu they only has Theta Pearl CD which doesn't work with my Carmen
I just bought an used but no remote control.
PS: If you know Harmony has a download forum ? I have a Harmony as well
Many thanks
Harmony doesn't have it in their database? If so, why not program the Harmony with the codes and manually transfer them to the Pronto?
I haven't use the Harmony in a while now - Is there a webpage to download Harmony codes for Theta and such ?
All I know is remotecentral.com
Please advice
OK this is a long shot but if you are desperate, you can try :) Open up your Carmen CDP and take a look at the control board. Most high end CDP makers buy in control boards from other companies. e.g if it has a Sony control board, try downloading different Sony codes. One of them might work.
Use your Harmony, use it's software and add the Theta to it's components THEN use the Harmony to program the Pronto.

You don't use remote central, you need the Harmony software that accesses their on line database.
Thanks everyone
I'll try Amfibius and Kennyt suggestion
Best regards
Hi all,
I try open up the Theta - but there is no sign of any name brand. And I pull out my Pronto which has a whole system CCF download to it including the Theta code.
Try again with no luck, and I notice there is a DVD component in it - With miracle, my Theta responses to all buttons. Pull up the file, it's belong to Pioneer DVD-414 :-)
I have and ancient DVD/LD combo in closet with remote control - my Theta responses to all of this remote control !
Problem solved !

Thanks everyone
Happy listening
I have a Theta Carmen II & a Pioneer 626 DVD Player. The Pioneer Remote & Theta Remote will operate both dvd players. Like above, down load the pioneer info and see if it works.