I Need An Outboard Balance Control, Do They Exist

I have been using both Classe and ARC pre-amps which have built in balance controls. I recently purchased an integrated amp that doesn't have a balance control. I need one since I have my left speaker (Eminent Technology LFT-Vlll's -dipole) in a corner where the right speaker is along the same wall but not in a corner. I cannot do anything about this set-up. It has sounded fine with the above pre-amps because of my being able to adjust to equal volume from both speakers using the control. The sound from the left speaker is louder due to it being in the corner. Is there an outboard balance control that I could use through the tape loop or does anyone have another solution for me? Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bob
consider luminous audio axiom preamps(125.ish ea). would have to dial in each channel individually, but woulddo the trick.
Another way would be to use a passive attenuator on the left channel. While somewhat wasteful because you would only be using one channel of a two channel passive unit, this may nevertheless be an acceptably cheap way to go.
Maybe someone can speak on this - would it be possible to add a resistor to one channel to balance it out. If so, would the resistor have the same effect at all volume levels?
Peter, I believe the resistor would have the same effect at all levels within normal operating ranges. Algebraically, you could use the following two relationships to demonstrate this in a "pure" system: Power equals voltage multiplied by current and voltage equals current multiplied by resistance. Remember, we are increasing the resistance when we add the resistor, and this doesn't affect the amp's output power but does reduce the power to the speaker.