I need an AMP for my Hyperion 968's

Any suggestions? I have a Dennon 2809 that just isnt doing the trick. I have the Hyperion center too and everything feels like it's waiting to break out, thus more/better power. Any ideas would be helpful.
Slinker001 - I have HPS-938 driven by Rowland model 102 (smallest class D Icepower module) with great results. I use Benchmark DAC1 as a pre-amp (has volume control). Rowland and Benchmark are very transparent and neutral but also unforgiving on bright records. Hyperions just add a bit of warmth to make everything pleasant.
Kijanki-thanks for the information.
I too have 938s and I drive them with three different amps which give them: more attack/bass - DK MKII (150W), midrange richness -Sonic Frontier Power 1SE (55W) and more black background Red Wine 30.2(30W).They are easy to drive and you can find your best personal match. Enjoy.
Hyperion 968s were designed to be driven by tube amps (8 ohm impedance, 90 db efficiency). You will hear magic in spades with most well-designed tube amplifiers.
845 SET amplifiers are a match made in heaven with Hyperion 968 speakers, if 20-25W is loud enough for you and your music. I love the SET-968 combination, specially for jazz and vocals.

Also, I have had excellent results with Manley Snapper and McIntosh Mc-275 amps. The Mc-275 sounds very powerful, I was never able to reach its limit, even playing rock music.