I need an all Tube Amp.

In the $2000-$2500 range. I have Audible Iluusions L-3B and NHT 2.3 speakers. The Sensitivity and power rating for the speakers are 86 db, 200W maximum and are 4 ohms nominal, 2.9 ohms minimum. I currently have Hafler 9270 amp. I have heard NHT require a lot of power so keeping that in mind what would be the best amp to drive these. Thanks.
Maybe a pair of Rogue M-150 monoblocks, I see there's a pair for sale now (no relation).
For a pure tube design have you thought of some of the older Conrad Johnson models such as the premier 1,4 or the mono model premeir 5..they posses plenty of power for your needs and the company is around for future upgrades and if needed repair..good luck ..
Just to spite your speakers? :-)
Unless you have a tiny room you won't find much in the way of tube amps that will work with that speaker.

If you do the math, your 86 db number changes to 83 when you take into account the speaker is 4 ohms. This becomes even less if the speaker is lower impedance.

That means that in an average room, 200 watts is not going to play all that loud. If your specs on the speaker are correct, its impractical with tubes. A 200 watt tube amp for $2500 is quite a trick!
Thank you for the response. So what would you suggest for solid state if I go to that route?
I once auditioned the NHT 2.3 with the original Krell integrated amplifier, the 300i if I recall correctly. They had really extraordinary synergy. I'd think a pairing along those lines, maybe used a used Krell, would provide a nice sound. I also read that NAD amps also pairs well.