I need advice on which speaker

I’m looking anything at around 4-6k ( willing to go higher if need be
) but auditioning is a bit of challenge
24’ x’15’ room. i have parsound HINT amp and mostly stream jazz, classical, rock.
the speakers would be for music 2 channel only.
I’m leaning towards RBH, monitor audio, B&W, KEF, sonus faber, salk sound.

what are some of your favorites the would meet my needs

Rick Craig at Selah Audio (http://www.selahaudio.com/) makes some fantastic speakers. He has several standard designs, and will modify any of them, or even make a custom design based on what you are looking for. He designed a front LCR set for me. When I bought an Anthem receiver, the salesperson came out to do the setup. He had heard all kinds of highend speakers over the years and was very impressed with mine. ... I love the small, direct-buy shops. You get great value. Rick's stuff would cost 2-3x more if he had a dealer network.
Just PM'd you, Blackjack, about the Monitors, Revels, and several others, etc.
Alta Audio has two speakers in that range that are absolutely amazing. I've heard them against many of the so called reference brands and they walk away winners every time. The Rheas at 4,900 a pair and the(  forgot the name ) at just under 9k a pair perform way above their price point. 

 I'm simply in awe of what his speakers can do 
I can't believe the amount of choices... the only problem is i won't be able to audition any of these speakers, i really can one audition the mainstream speakers.. (B&W,kef, revel, MA, ) those are the tops.