I need a warm sounding power cord.

Im using a Xindak FP-Gold on my SACD player.
I like the Xindak better on my amp.
On the SACD player the Xindak sounds slightly bright.
The Xindak is a high current cord.
Whats a good power cord to use on digital?
Im thinking MIT but really would like to hear others opinions.
Budget ~$100 new or used.
I think the MIT Z-cord mk.2 is simply awesome. With it, the noise floor drops, the dynamics pop out, and 3D imaging walks into the room. However, it doesn't really add warmth but instead takes out HF noise which sounds bright, if that makes any sense. Arthur
Check here:
decent cord.
I think it may be just what you are looking for.
You can try Magnan SuperBronze Powercable. Very warm.
virtual dynamics nite II