I need a speakercable that bring voices forward me

I want a speakercable that makes more voices more alive and that has a real "kick" with drums without being warm in mids and lows. I would prefer Audioquest.

Perhaps Volcano ?
Try Argent Audio Pursang or Pursang S. Very alive and transparent, with lots of detail in the mids and kick in the bass. They're anything but warm.
I should have said TG Audioin the first place. I have yet to hear a better speaker cable. That said, based on the original request I think Pursang might do more of what Grisslehamn says he wants. I find it to be a more forward cable, that errs on the side of coolness compared to TG.

For anyone who asks, "What's your vote for the most natural sounding cable out there?", TG Audio HSR is my hands-down choice.
I think it is interesting not only to see what people believe cables can achieve, but that people can recommend cables without even knowing the poster's system or room characteristics.
Rsbeck, perhaps it's because they realize certain characteristics of those cables in their own systems. Just like recommending a transport, an amp, or anything else. They are simply are recommending them to try in the next system.

On the other hand, I think it's interesting that somebody can believe there's no difference whatsoever in any cables.

There's a large gulf between thinking there are no differences whatsoever and
questioning whether cables will make voices come forward, etc. I think it is
interesting to see how people come to the conclusion that they need new
cables, how they seek out info on cables, the criteria used to purchase them,
and I still think it is interesting that no one even asked the guy to list his
system before recommending cables. All just very interesting.

When I auditioned the AQ Mt Blanc w/ DBS, the singers were on the couch with me. These should suit your desires.
A bit of background on my recommendations above: I've heard the speaker cables I mentioned over the long haul in my system with two different pairs of high-res full range speakers, four very different amps (largish SS, 300B and PX25 SETs as well as 300B P-P) and four different preamps - SS, tube and passive. The character of the speaker cables has remained both identifiable and constant throughout.

Trying to judge what a particular speaker cable will do in someone else's system, using equipment you've never heard, in combinations you've never heard, in a room you don't know, is a crapshoot at best. IMO, however, the largest variable is the other person's perceptions. Those are truly unknowable, and what sounds lean and forward (or warm and sluggish) to me may be interpreted as dead neutral by someone else - or vice versa, obviously.

I think we all understand that any recommendations here are based solely on the experiences of the recommenders. The best we can do is treat the board as a kind of "Delphi poll" where experienced people contribute personal observations and the final "recommendation set" is formed by a sort of ad hoc synthesis. That's a polite way of saying any single opinion on this board is barely worth the electrons it's printed on, and the best our suggestions can provide is some idea of what might be interesting for the questioner to try for themselves.
IMO the Ridge Street Audio Design Poiema speaker cables and interconnects really help make the music sound alive!
I think glider said it quite well.My views are similar.----It's not quite that astonishing to find out everybody doesn't have the same setup / system/ likes and dislikes. but thanks for pointing that out. --The boards are for sharing.-- My stating re. the au24s,ics---is just what happened in my system.--- I think this person could do worse. As we all know the search is 1/2 the fun.---AND-- we just want to share what floated our boats. AND-- I'm all wet and nobody listens to me. My input is worth what you paid for it. I have no agenda;and no over-inflated vision of self-worth. Jeez, just look at the hype at every site;for every product made.--User input has some value.
I dont know if i dare (because there are manny wiseguys around) ?, but i have:
Arcam Dv88Plus (as i use as a cdplayer)
Aq Anacona ic
Arcam A90 amp
Aq Gibraltar sp.cable
And im looking for new speakers that have the same sound as i want w sp cables.

Rsbeck you are a rude person !

I did not find his comments "rude" in any way at all. They may have been pointed, but they were quite astute and to the point IMO, and actually, you may find them to be quite helpful in subsequent responses if you get any. Speaker cables are very system dependent and listing the rest of your system may get you more informed responses, espcially amp and speakers. It is quite odd that folks may recommend speaker cables without knowing the rest of your system. I guess they're just sharing what worked for them, but that is of little help if their systems do not resemble yours in some way shape or form.

I do not find his comments rude either as it looks like you post an AudioQuest related post every other week here in this forum. A lot can be told by what equipment you are using and what cables to suggest in your search.. Easy Man..

Jax2 you a right in a way. But i also asked for a cable not being warm. Isnt that an easy q to answer ?
Might you re-position your listening chair slightly closer to the speakers by either moving the speakers further from the wall, or the chair closer to the speakers?
Jax2 you a right in a way.

Well, since I was just stating my opinion it really isn't a matter of being right or wrong. It's just my opinion.

But i also asked for a cable not being warm. Isnt that an easy q to answer ?

No, it is not an easy question to answer without knowing what amp and speakers you are using. As Rsbeck implies, different cables will interact in different ways with different systems. These differences may be quite pronounced, for instance if you are using them in a tube based system vs. a SS system, or they could be quite subtle.

I see in your history that you have begun five or so threads with either this or a similar question. Sorry that it's not been answered for you, but I too think it would help if you said exactly what other components you are using, as well as the type of sound you have vs. what you're looking to have. The people who have responded above are quite experienced, and they certainly could help you achieve your goal with that information.
All the best,
Grisslehamn -
Given your system description, I suggest you look at speakers who's name begin with an 'a'. You can do a search on the Manufacturers Directory.
I side with the group who does not consider Rsbeck to be rude, but more of a breath-of-fresh-air.
Cables (and a certain integrated amp) are where hype, bs and snakeoil surfaces most readily, and after the number of threads you've started on essentially the same subject, maybe it's time to get suspicious of other parts of your system.
You want the voices real close - get headphones (but with AQ cable of course).
The best way to figure this one out is to audition the cables in question in your own system, your own room, and most important with your own ears. I believe The Cable Company offers trial periods on their products where all you'd need is a credit card to try out the cables you are interested in, and return them if they do not suit your needs. You may also have a local dealer who would offer you the same courtesy. The only drawback may be the lack of burn-in. I believe the Cable Company does burn-in their cables. They also cary the Mont Blanc and the Volcano you seem intent on. You can have some fun trying out different cables and report back here when you have come to your own conclusions.

Good luck!

Hey, if Rsbeck can live with being perceived by some as rude, I can deal with being thought of as inapproproate.
I can deal with being thought of as inapproproate.

What could be more appropriate than a green clay live action cartoon figure that moonlights as a Photoshop master?! It's what you do to that poor pony, Pokey that is inapproriate! But he ain't talkin' is he? He's too scared, and frankly, I don't blame him!

Ssshhhhh, Marco. Pokey likes it.

Every evening, I make him sorry he has that name.
You see GristledPorkchop; and you thought Rsbeck was rude?! You ain't seen
nuthin' till you incite the wrath of the green man! You wanna' end up like the
poor pony? Just keep on creating more threads about the same subject and
pointing your bony finger at everyone trying to help you out. The clay boy'll
be on your derriere like flies on a meadow muffin! What was it that Pokey
did...it's been so long, I always forget. I think he kept asking after some
preamp shootout results. Seems like he started three, maybe four different
threads asking the very same question in each one. Wasn't making any
friends till the green man took notice. Now he's got a special friend every

Hi there. I can be your friend too.

You know, strangers have the tastiest candy.
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>>if Rsbeck can live with being perceived by some as rude<<

Well, I can stay alive while being perceived by some as rude, but is that really living?
My point is that by posting your system and letting the people on this great
forum analyze it, you may find that you jumped to the wrong prognosis. It
may be another part of your system that needs upgrading, or that may be
causing voices to recede, etc. It may be that a new set of cables will not do
the trick with your system. I was part of a thread once where a guy was
asking what kind of cables would give him more bass and everyone was
telling him what kind of cables to get. I asked about his system and it turned
out he was using bookshelf speakers. Cables were not going to fill in that
guy's bass for him. So, it is helpful to know the system, to figure out what
you want, to analyze where the problem is and whether or not a new set of
cables is *really* going to solve your problem.

You see -- I just want to help.

I'm a giver.

Now, I notice you don't even have a set of speakers yet.

I've got another rude question;

Why aren't you asking what kind of speakers will give you the sound you
want? Have you considered that maybe your front end is the culprit? I still
wonder how you think cables will bring voices forward. How about this --
why are the voices burried in the first place? Don't you suspect other
components? Why limit your analysis to cables?

I look at a system as something that needs to be analyzed in its entirety. It
all has to work together to give you the sound you want.
thats not a rude question.
I use old canton speakers and lokking for new ones.
And i want them to sound like - you know.

Exuse me Rsbeck !

But there are some people here -no names- that are (i will not use such words here).
Hey Grisllehamm,

Sure, try and act like you're above it all by not mentioning any names in this thread. And thanks for sending me the friendly e-mail telling me to go fuck myself. :•)

I may have been inappropriate in my responses, but let's keep it in the forums. Alright?

Don't make it personal.
Wow! This is quickly becoming unreadable.
Here is my 2 cents. Try to find speakers and components upstream that suit your purposes and then look to cables for a little fine tuning.
Yes, cables should definitely be one of the last "components" considered.

It was after settling on my gear that I was able to compare, then choose the right cables for me. The speaker cables I've enjoyed for their forward vocals are the Audience AU24. They're not the most resolving speaker cables I've tried or the most extended, the Acoustic Zen Hologram II and Ridge Street Audio Poiema were better. But I I like the realism of the AU24's midrange in comparison, so I compromised.

There. How's that for an answer Grizzle Ham? Yes, I am rude, but I am occasionally capable of an appropriate suggestion. I also suggest your next component be a sense of humor upgrade, heheh.
You know, I'd been really getting bored by the same old threads for the past few weeks, but this one and ol' Procalc's on the DK have been like a blast of fresh air.
I propose that Grisslehamn and Procalc should have to submit new topics once a week so we can keep our knives (and wits) sharp.
Thanks Grisslehamn!
It ok Gunbei no hard feelings. but you said "Don't make it personal".Wasnt that exactly what you were ?
Grisslehamn is the place in Sweden my wife came from.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
Hey, I got a lovely email from the husband of the Swedish lady myself! Said
the same thing as he did to ol' Gumby, but added that I was a "Douchebag"
(how ever did he know?!). Guess he couldn't think of anything more original
to say. Definitely no hard feeling Motts ol' pal. We're just yankin' your crank
to have some fun and blow off some steam.

As the good green fellow said, cables should be one of your final
considerations in your system for sure. As far as his experiences with those
specific cables are concerned (and anyone elses with specific cables), you
should also consider carefully the system he was using them with (see his
"System" page), and how close it is to what you are using. By the
way, if you are abroad, I believe the Cable Company (the link I gave you in an
earlier post here) does extend its lending library to international customers.
That'd still be my suggestion to you. Either that, or purchase cables used at a
price you can resell them for in order to try them out in your own system.

Again, have fun! And do look into that upgrade Dean suggested in your
sense of humor. Something that brings it a bit more forward preferably.

Sorry Marco,

But you're gonna have to make room for your green slant-headed pal, because I was called a douche bag too! We must have gotten the same e-mail. Yippee!!


No problem. We just like to get goofy on people now and then. It's nothing personal, just the way us West Coast US artist types act. We don't believe in growing up. It seems to stunt creativity.

As Marco said, my experience and opinions regarding the cables I've tried should be weighed against my system components and the way my green clay ears allow me to hear the music. And since you're new here, I'd just like to point out that no one gets made fun of here more than me, heheh. Well, maybe Slappy does. But we all love him.

Have a good one,
But you're gonna have to make room for your green slant-headed pal, because I was called a douche bag too!

That does it! I know Gunbei, and you sir ar no Gunbei! And Gunbei is no douchebag. He's Gumby, DAMMIT!

ha ha ha he he, yeah cry out for the others here . he was bad against me oooohhhhh! 8)
It had been easier for me to express myself in english if i wasnt swedish. Thats why i couldnt make it more original.
Ditt jävla rövhål!

What kind of audio gear is popular in Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway? Are the audio trends and tastes similar to those in England? Germany? Or different?

I believe Electrocompaniet is Norwegian, right?
Yes i think so. Audiovector ,danish speakers are popular here in Scandinavia.
Unfortunately we dont have a lot of US speakers here.There are a lot of good US speakers right ?
Have you heard of Swedish brand Primare ? Or Danish Thule ? These are quite good components. And the german speaker Elac ? Elak in swedish is the same as being mean.
And we have Supra swedish cables and Marcus cables a swedish company in england.
Electrocompaniet , yes i have seen it somewhere but cant remember right know.

To Jax: how could i know you were a Douchebag ? Only because you introduced yourself as one 8-)
i guess that you are great guys. but i wasnt really in the mood for bs earlier. btw how old are you ? im 36 , 37 in oct.

And could someone recommend speakers for my Arcam A90 amp ?
Yes, I'm aware of Primare and Thule. Elac as well.

Other than NHT, I've never owned American speakers. Just Italian [Sonus Faber] and British {ProAc].

Marco and I wear our Douchebag emblems with pride, so anyone can identify us at great distances.

Grisslehamn, if you find out how old we are, your impression of us will go down even more.
I and my wife (we have no kids)are going to Miami/Ft.lauderdale for 3 weeks in aug maybe they have some nice stores there ?
Marco and I wear our Douchebag emblems with pride, so anyone can identify us at great distances.

My "Douchebag" emblem fell off Dean. I haven't had time to sew it back on, therefore I always have to introduce myself as a douchebag so people will know. Sometimes they just figure it out themselves. Once I was incorrectly identified as a scumbag, but I corrected the MF.

Have you been to Miami before Grisslehamn? That's quite a change from Sweden. Heck, just pretty much anywhere in the U.S.A. would be quite a change from Sweden. What ever would want to make you move here, especially with what's going on in the world these days?