I need a source for high quality capacitors at wholesale

I buy in large orders and need a whole sale dealer that sells  mainly Mundorf and "V" caps.................THANKS
   Both Mundorf and V-Cap, as you know are, "specialty items", that appear not to be traded, by the manufacturer, through the typical wholesalers (ie: Digikey or Mouser).       Kind of like, back in the day, when only certain dealerships in a given locale were chosen, through which to sell higher-end electronics, at fixed prices.      At least: that's what seems to be the case, to me.                                                                                        Decades back, companies like Bose and Klipsch, were getting their drivers from OEMs like Rola, Eminence and Hepner.     Madisound was buying up the surplus and selling it at wholesale.                                                                                                                                      That enabled me to offer the exact drivers, used in such high-Dollar companies' systems, with improved crossovers, as kits that allowed a buyer to build their own cabinets and save a ton of money.                                                                                                    I mention all that, because there's a remote possibility: a deal with Madisound could be struck, were you to buy a sufficient quantity (right column pricing).   At least of Mundorfs, anyway.    (https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/capacitors/)
Rodman:  Thanks I will contact Madisound about that, I have always had good service from Madisound.......
I was getting my caps at Sonicraft but I had a mixup on a order and the Sonicraft guy came unglued about it and cancelled my account. blocked my email and pretty much told me to not order from him.....All over a simple mistake of some parts being left in the "Cart" from a previous order.....My orders were always around 300.00 .....He has good parts and one of the worst attitudes in the parts industry...............Now if I want parts from him I have to have one of my friends order them, which is a big pain all over a simple mistake.........I wish the inter-net would not cause people to become un-communicative and hard to deal with, but I find myself doing similar things  W 
@autospec -    Look around you (IF you live in the USA).

     Society in general has gone to the dogs, because of all those fomenting division, by their tolerance*, sensitivity and inclusiveness* rhetoric.

      It's endemic, affecting attitudes and EVERY aspect of life, in this country.     In 74 years: I've never met so many touchy people.
      *EXCEPT, that is, for anyone with a differing opinion, or sense of reality, than what fits THEIR agenda.

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