I need a SET amp to match my Dude Pre.

I have 98db Daedalus Ulysses speaks. I just recently took delivery of a Dude preamp. I want a SET amp that the Dude can shine through. The SET will have to have the ability to stage, resolve and have freq ext just like my world class pre. But MOST important I need a emotional and musical connection. I feel the Dude is a destination pre and I need a SET amp that can also carry that designation. 16 watts and up seems about right as my friend brought over his Melody AN211 (integrated). It was sublime and actually made me smile. Now I am searching for that sound quality with the staging abilities of the Dude
A good 845 tubed SET would fit your needs.I understand Melody makes a
very good example. You have many good 845 amps on the market these
days.Is there a particular price range? Viva, NAF, Audion, Sophia Electric,
there are certainly other good choices.Another option PSET with the 300b
tubes for similar power range. With your plans you'll have an excellent
music making system.At CES a few weeks ago I heard the Triode CORP
(Japan) PSET 845 amplifier (50 watts) , it was simply fabulous.
I don't know what your budget is but I would definitely look at Shindo. They make some of the best SET amps. Another amp I would recommend is a VAC 30/30. I know its not a SET. It uses 2 300b's per channel. I have one myself and don't see how you can go wrong with it.
Thx Charles and Zd. I would love me some Shindo amp but unfortunately there is a price range.(sorry , forgot to mention) I would like to look used up to 6k. I have seen Audion 845s go for that and that would be perfect. I think I just have to be patient. Viva might be a mismatch impedance once. THe Melody I have heard is v/good and have heard the AN 300b PSET is magical but also above budget. I have seen VAC 30/30s used for great prices so that is def something to consider. I am also v/interested in GM70 amps but I am yet to ever hear one. I tried Sophia 91-01 300b monos w/level 5 OPTs and I was very underwhelmed. In fairness the Sophias prob did not have enought power to cut it (8watts).
Look at Line Magnetic...Tone Imports, the distributor for Shindo, has these also.
I just heard the Grommes PHI-26 a SEP/SET el84 amp at Arizonia HiFi. Great sound it can run in pentode or triode 6 or 1.8 wpc.
6 watts triode is too low unfortunately. I have looked online at Line Magnetic and I am intrigued. Problem is I want a AMP only. I heard they are coming out with new stuff all the time so I am def on the lookout.
Almarg has reported excellent results w your speakers and a VAC Ren 70/70 and I love my VAC 30/30 driving Hornings, Merlins, and Ref 3A. Some people report the 30/30 is better but a lot depends on your room size. With 98 dB eff, I think that the 30/30 would be plenty unless you want concert levels for a full orchestra in a v. large room (mine is 23 x 14 x 8 w one large archway into a 2 story hallway).
You may want to look into Sophia Electric's older models of 845 amplifiers that still have first class sound and 3x more power than a typical 300B single ended amplifier. 25-28W per channel x 2 should drive your speakers.

How much is your budget?

Ignore my last post, I didn't see your $6K limit until now.
My bad. :)

Full disclosure:
I am Melody US Distributor and I saw you mentioned our AN211 and AN300B Integrated Amps here and this is why I'm joining this discussion to see if I may be of service.


Appreciate all the advice. I have to come clean and say I went a lil over budget ( imagine a audiophile going over budget). I purchased a used but mint pair of Concert Fidelity 6B4G fusion monos.

They are described as direct heated triodes that are pushpull. The delicacy of a old 2a3 but with 60 watts of power. It was just a opportunity to get something rare and different for a good value. Well reviewed by really only Steve Hoffman and I assume he is not easily impressed.

Input impedance is a Dude friendly 100k. My first amps with input sensitivity which will also help match my pre. Fingers crossed it gives me that sublime, emotional involving sound quality. Come Fri, at least all doubt will be removed.
Looking forward to hearing the new addition, Berto. It better smoke my Melody for that coin!
Wavelength Audio, Art Audio and Larry D. Moore are superior amp designers
I agree Fred aka Gopher.I could of easily of been happy with your An211 but I had already committed to a custom pre. So basically for 3x the price my seps better be good :)
Looking forward to hearing the new addition, Berto. It better smoke my Melody for that coin!