I need a reputable repair technician

I live in central Kentucky but would be willing to go as far as Indianapolis, Columbus, or Nashville if necessary. I have a DAC/preamp that needs some repair. Any recommendations?
Dump it. Sell for parts. Buy new, with a five year warranty. Less pain, lower cost, more enjoyment.
Buconero, thanks for your response. I didn't see your response, otherwise I would have responded sooner.

As I continue to learn about audio equipment, I'm learning that system synergy in the design and manufacturing is just as important as the system synergy that we chase when assembling equipment. I think the "flavor of the month" DACs that surface every time I get a new catalog are more about software engineering and marketing and less about audio synergy. That said, I think a well designed and manufactured piece of equipment is worth repairing.

Now for the practical part. I purchased a very clean Monarchy Audio M33 and DIP; pretty much just what I wanted and within my budget. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged. I ended up sending it to Mr. Poon at Monarchy for repairs. The seller was fantastic and helped me through the insurance claims process. I took the opportunity to spend a little extra and upgrade the chip set to 24bit chips. I'm really not sure that I could be happier with the purchase and repair.

IMO, I'm not sure your assertion of lower cost and more enjoyment is realistic in my case. Less pain, yes, but again IMO, the pain was worth it.

I've thought about purchasing some of the comparable DACs (with a return policy) so that I could compare the different DACs in my system. Maybe one day, but not now.
I'm in New Jersey if you want to ship it.

Happy Listening