I need a replacement for a MF nu vista 300 amp

I heard a CJ17LS2 pre amp with the above amp, an MF A5 cd player and a pair of B&W 802N speakers. I love the sound and would like to reproduce the system. Of course, I can't find the nu vista 300 today, since only 500 were made. A couple of Stereophile reviewers used the nu vista 300 as a reference amp several years ago, but I cannot find out what they replaced the nu vista with. Any ideas as to a replacement amp that would produce great sound to go with the rest of the components?
The (closest)replacement was the Trivista 300 but it was an integrated. It had 5703 submini tubes as drivers. That is now gone too and the closest thing is the KW 750 which is a power amp. Their site normally lets you see the manual as a .pdf but doesn't work for the 750. I don't know if it is all solid state or if it has 5703's.