I need a recording with a good drum solo .

Any suggestions?
1. Ginger Baker "Airforce 1", "Airforce 2".
2. Mark Nauseef "Wun-Wun", "Dark"
3. Samm Bennett...
"Rythmn Devils Play River Music" Mickey Hart & Billy Kreutzman

"Dozin at the Knick" Grateful Dead (CD 2 has the Drums>Space)

"Ondekoza" Japanese Kodo drummers

"Dafos" Mickey Hart, Airto, Flora Purim

Most of the "Dick's Picks" series from Grateful Dead Merchandising currently up to Vol. 28, live recordings of Grateful Dead shows, many with excellent Drum solo sections
Slipknot1, you're on to some cool stuff. A friend of mine here in the Los Angeles area was trained by members of Ondekoza many years back and is one of the directors of her own troupe called Zendeko. The Rhythm Devils CD is neat too. I also think Kodo's early release [1984?] Heartbeat Drummers of Japan is good, especially "O-Daiko". Thundering and it goes straight to the soul!

Check this out: http://www.zendeko.org/
Anything with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.
When you say "good" drum solo, do you mean great playing, or above average realism and soundstage?

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I've seen Ondekoza live several times, and I'm always amazed. Over the years, the MANY Dead shows I attended, "Drumz" was always my favorite part of the show. The LP's I mentioned above are wild to listen to on a high rez setup..
Try the Congo soundtrack. Has deep bass, steel drums, flutes, vocals and a huge soundfield.
Slipknot1, thank you. I'll definitely look into those recommendations. When percussion and drums are done right and played back on a hirez setup, it can be down right spooky.

I never had the chance to see Ondekoza or Kodo live, but I've managed to see my friend Judy perform five times.

One of the most powerful performances I've ever seen was by a group called Maidaiko Aska Gumi. Absolutely primal! They are an all-male troupe from Japan and I was able to witness their incredible power three summers ago when they performed the same hot day as Zendeko. They go so F***ing crazy I thought the stage was gonna come apart.

If you're near Los Angeles in a couple months, Zendeko will be perfroming July 12th and 13th at their Obon Carnival.


Oops, I forgot. Maidaiko Aska Gumi does have one woman in their troupe.
Some more untraditional stuff:

Praxis ---->>>"Transmutation"
has an excellent drumming of Brain including drum solos that even heavy metal folks would drop the jaw on the floor.

Somre rare-rare-rare stuff:

Ginger Baker "African Force" on CMP label tough to find either on CD or vinyl. Grab even cassette if you see somewhere. You're going to have the most exciting drum-percussion experience you've ever had in your life.
Artist: Led Zepplin
Title: Song remains the same
song: Moby Dick

If you really want to test your wolfers/subs?
Try this:

Artist: Megadeath
Title: Cryptic Writings
song: Trust

Be for-warned make sure you system is at a low level
the first time if you try it. You will find out alot
about your bass/mid response. Its my current reference
for dynamic bass/mid response.

Good luck...

You want a good drum solo and very good recording too?
You got it.

Emmylou Harris-Spyboy. Brady Blade performs a KILLER drum solo on the last cut (The Maker). This is a live performance.
the best ever is Ed "Hot Sticks" Graham half speed master on M&K (I beleive). It is approximately 13 minutes of absolute ripping drumsolo recorded direct to disc. These recordings were demo"d heavily in all the high-end suites at the c.e.s. and I.H.F. shows in the early '80s. Very rare but I might be able to locate. Let me know if your interested but first research this to see for yourself.
iron butterfly inaa....devta you get my point
Jdombrow's question is an excellent one, trying to check out how close your gear can get to the real thing might have nothing to do with getting a dose of percussive genius stuck into yer' head. Here's a (criminally) short list that omits tons of great drummers:

Pierre van der Linden- First Trace album, beginning of Gaillarde and A Memory (track 4 and 10). The digital version ain't as good as the record. This guy has a feel for bouyancy and collision like very few drummers. Induces real bad testoterone poisoning (not the best recording tho').

Max Roach- Pictures in a Frame, Reflections (first track), you can hum this drum solo (maybe minus a few mathematical nuances). The whole disc is brilliant and easily one of his best. Superb recording too.

Jon Hazilla & Saxabone- Form and Function, Lack of Evidence (track 3). You won't believe you're hearing one guy (no multi tracking), and this isn't because of blinding rpm's. The seemingly spring loaded patterns that he works into an ostinato give you the impression that two or three nimble minded drum freaks are plotting to make all listeners turn to jelly.

Anderson/Bennink/Doran-Azurety,tracks 3 & 4 demonstrate a great mastery of spitting rimshots and wildly undulating rolls. Like most Hat discs, the recording quality on this one kicks ass.

Jerry Granelli- Another Place, Wood and Steel (track 6). Rhythmically compelling and memorable, his drumming often has a delicate tactile quality that sets up a dramatic contrast to big resonant tom work. Another excellent recording from Lee Townsend on the Intuition label.

Andrew Cyrille-C/D/E, Aubade, (track 6). Cyrille has put out a huge amount of high quality stuff, but lately, I've really enjoyed this little cymbal solo that seems so perfectly executed and carefully thought out.

Pierre Favre-Portrait, Les jeux sont faits, (track one) You probably won't often yank this one out after the first cut. One of the most acoustically realistic discs I've heard. The music on this one is in no way generic or stale. Using this disc to demo or sell equipment would be kinda weasel like.
For great playing you might want to listen to Max Roach on St. Thomas from Sonny Rollins' Saxophone Colossus. For soundstaging and realism, I would recommend Wayne Phillips' solo on Moliendo Cafe from the 45 rpm direct disc recording entitled Charlie Byrd from Crystal Clear Records.
My, you guys have taken this drums thing beyond me. One of my favs is Frankenstine by Edgar Winter.
Avguygeorge, "They Only Come Out At Night" with Frankenstein by Edgar Winter is the first album I ever bought.
You could try the first bit of "Hot For Teacher" by Van Halen....good speed and definition test.

If you want to try an oldie, get T.N.U.C. from Grand Funk Railroad Live album.
Zstokes -

But that's not really a drum solo. Alex Van Halen fessed up that only the first few bars of the double bass figure are actually him playing, then it's taken over by a drum machine. Quite disillusioning.
Thanks guys,,,,,,,,,,,I really appreciate it. I've got a lot of music to pick up this weekend.

Any more?
LES BATTERIES - Demesure Revolutionnaire
Rick Brown and Guigou Chenevier,two of the best. Great interwoven patterns and some kick ass drumming from both. Probably would want to start with Bell System. Dont even try to tap your foot.
cities on flame with rock and roll-b.o.c- forest flower '69-charles lloyd quartet lost in a dream-spooky tooth-
Yes, certainly there are more:
Shop for Pierre Moerlen records(not sure if available on CD) all of them with stunning percussion and drumwerk.
Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall. Some incredible Joe Morello solos. Great Carnegie Hall sound.
Ginger again.

Please, ignore all rock suggestions. If you want authenticity, then you really need to check in with jazz cats. It's not that rock drummers are bad; it's just that they are usually woefully deficient in skill, execution, emotion, and musicianship compared to jazz drummers. Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Paul Motian, Carl Allen, Art Blakey, Philly "Joe" Jones, Billy Higgins, Jimmy Cobb, Art Taylor, Kenny Washington, Jeff Watts, Eddie Marshall, Mel Lewis, Peter Erskin, Sylvia Cuenca, Joe Chambers, Rashid Ali, Eddie Thigpen, Lewis Nash, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Ben Riley, Yuron Isreal, Dannie Richmond, Ed Blackwell, Al Foster, Jack DeJohnette, Roy McCurdy, Connie Kay, Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Barry Altschul, Alvin Queen, Marty Moriell, and Chico Hamilton will provide the most creative and *musical* drum solos you will ever likely hear. Seriously, if you want more than just chops, listen to these guys. My three cents.
One great CD. Drum concerto at Dawn by Michael Carwin on Mapleshade label. Not a Rock drum kit but a Jazz drum kit. Played at right level, sounds very close to real!!
Vinnie Colaiuta: Palladium / Karizma ,Document (Live)
Vinnie Colaiuta: All Blues / Los Lobotomy's
Vinnie Colaiuta: Against the Clock / Allan Holdsworth
Steve Smith: Two fo One / Vital Tech Tones
Terry Bozzio: The Black Page / Frank Zappa
Airto, Airto, Airto.

Very interesting....and it figures. I guess I don't understand why if he was able to start the 'solo' he couldn't keep it going?

Theres a killer drum solo by peter chris of kiss, I can't remember the song title, but I do remeber it was on their Kiss alive II album.
Dbx...are you referring to the solo on "Black Diamond"? That was on Kiss Alive (not II ---- unless there's one on that too) which was recorded at Cobo Hall (Detroit) in about 1975.

Not quite as long a solo, but still impressive would be by Neal Peart on the Rush album "Moving Pictures", a number called "YYZ".
Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" on Woodstock
Wdhsvbgod, No I don't think so, but I could be wrong, I remember Gene Simmons sang the lead on this song. I'd have to break out my old records to be sure what it was. I haven't listened to Kiss since the 70's. Every once in awhile I'll hear some of their stuff on the radio, which takes me back down memory lane, now I listen to jazz. Go figure. From Kiss to jazz. Must be getting old:)
ginger baker on blind faith`s ,do what you like
Genesis Live - Second Home by the Sea...
Try the Diversity Records Sampler, available at the Elusive Disc. Ecstasy in Numbers has several songs that may interest you.
There's several i like to hear. My favorite is the Danny Carey's off time solo in Tool's 46&2. Also good is the solo on track 6 of Frank Zappa's Roxy and Elsewhere. Most anything by Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) is essentially a drum solo as well.
Neal Pert - Rush
lets see
this isn't a 100% solo with no accompanying music
but lovely none the less

steely dan - aja title track STEVE GADD in one take
Seconds Out -Genesis live - several Collins/Thompson/Bruford
King Crimson - Satoria in Tangiers - off Beat BRUFORD

anything by Brian Blades
try the Wayne SHorter Footprints Live disc for starters



Title of cd is : The Heart of Things by John Mclaughlin
Track # 5 and all the rest of cd is amazing sounding drummer
Drummer name is Victor Williams.
I m a guitarist and i was amazed by the technique and sound of that drummer. Just full of energy and complex beat. Then came a solo on track 5: amazing.
Hope you will like it. Donat
Tank from the first Emerson Lake and Palmer
rod stewart-every picture tells a story
i'm losing you
TOTALLY AWESOME drum solo . make sure you crank the volume
The reference where all others are judged, Wheels of Fire,
Toad. If you want something more modern, Babaturi Uratunji
(spelling) and his drums of passion. This is an entire group of drummers.
I second YYZ - RUSH, can't beat Neil !!!
anything that JACK DEJOHNETTE has done in his inimitable spacious and joyfully uncluttered way.Lets not forget the recently departed BILLY HIGGINS as well
Try a song called "T.N.U.C" by Grand Funk Railroad. It is available in studio and live versions...though Don Brewer is most excellent in the live version.