I need a reccomendation for a CD/DVD combo

Hi - I know this question has been out before but I ws wongering what the current thoughts are.

I have a pair of Meridian DSP 5500's they are speakers, amp and digital pre in one.

I am looking for a new cd/dvd player or changer to put through them - the source will need to have an audio coxial out to run directly into the speakers. - By doing that I think That I am bypassing the d/a converter in the source and using the meridians for the d/a conversion right?

I have seen a Nakamichi DVD 15 that looks interesting for $400. But if possible would like to spend a little less.

I like used gear, too --> please reccomend some models.


look under hometheaterhifi.com they have a progressive scan shootout. very informative on dvd....picture quality. if you are happy with the dac in your speakers...you could get a 500$ dvd with great picture and the sound of the music. (this dvd is supposed to trounce some 4k+ dvd players as it employs some new chip technology). or so i have read. fwiw

good luck
I have recommended the Pioneer Elite DV-37 to a number of people. Based on my own experience, it is an excellent unit. Further, it has been selected by several high-end audio and HT mags as one of the 4-5 best DVD/CD players on the market. It can be bought used for about $600, or I can give you the name for a dealer that will sell you a new one for about $650 (if interested, drop me a personal E-mail).
Awfully nice speakers. I'd be careful to get a truly fine-sounding CDP, and don't know if ANY of the combi players are up to it yet. $400? I'm skeptical. Good luck.
If you can strech your budget, the meridian dvd, the 586 I think, would be a awesome match. The 596 as well, but I imagine that's out of your range.
The Sony DVP 9000es is available for $829 from JandR, a very good player, upgradable to something special with the Modwright mods !